Capsule Wardrobe: Feminine

Capsule Wardrobe: Feminine

Every style type can have multiple pairings of outfits from the feminine to the flamboyant. Feminine style for me is all about what I would I guess call stereotypical. Light colors (you know I mean pink), laces and ruffles, delicate accessories, and an emphasis on the waist. As a proud “why the hell is delicate and pink associated with being a girl?!” type person I don’t like to associate these things being “girly”. But I wasn’t sure what to call the post either. So I tried to mix some things up but I still kept feeling like the choices were feminine, and I like pretty pink lacey dresses. So this is the series that is stereotypically feminine.

About the Brands

The dress is She Made Me and is made in small batches in an ethical, female-run factory in Bali.

Pink top and red skirt are Marianna Deri and made with  Oeko-Tex certified fabrics in fair factories in the E.U.

The striped top is Nobody Denim and made from organic cotton and manufactured ethically in Japan

Trousers are Weekday, and are made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and

Wedges are Oka b and are made with recycled material and microplastics. The shoes are made ethically in the U.S. and can be recycled.

Flats are Fortress of Inca, and are produced with locally sourced vegetable tanned leather in an ethical factory in Peru.

The purse is Kintu New York, and is developed in collaboration with artisan groups in Italy who are trying to protect their craft from disappearing. The brass is made in Kenya by artisans and the vegetable tanned leather is sourced from Indian artisans.

Jeans, boots, and hat are Ecovibe Apparel, they are made with ethically produced, and when possible sustainable fabrics.

Sunglasses are Shift to Nature and made with bamboo and recycled acetate.

The shirt is The Fable and is produced in a factory with ethical accreditation in Shanghai, China.

Tee is Bailey 44  which is designed, produced, and sourced in L.A.

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