Celebrate Summer with 5 Outfit Ideas from Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese

Celebrate Summer with 5 Outfit Ideas from Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese designs have been in stores most of my life. They are/were feminine, pretty, my favorite is her flattering draping. (My Thredup cart is full of her designs.) After learning about her own production process and also not being able to find any transparency in her supply chain she reassessed. In other words, she did what we are all supposed to do when confront with huge problems, change. This year she went back to her native Detroit and launched her sustainable collection Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese. It’s ethically and sustainably sourced and produced in Detroit. Part of the collection is made in Flint, Michigan by women who are reentering the workforce. For me, it’s really inspiring to see names that I owned before I started my sustainable fashion journey really looking at everything going on and making concrete changes and setting examples.

Look #1

Doesn’t this look just scream vacation! I love the pattern Tracy used here and so I paired it with some complementary colors. 

Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese– Made from organic linen.

Sissel Edelbo Headband– Made from upcycled saris.

M.Patmos Slides– Made with pinatex pineapple leather-

Apolis Market Bag– Made from vegetable-tanned leather and jute fiber.

Vow London Sunglasses– Made with recycled polycarbonate.

Ferm Living Trinket– Made with eco-conscious cork in Portugal.

Look #2 

Be your own sunflower with this look. Plus, when summer fades to fall you’ll be the only sunflower left. 

Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese Top– Made with organic linen.

Ilia Beauty Lipstick– Made with organic ingredients.

Stella McCartney Shorts– Made with organic cotton.

Roller Rabbit Bag– Hand Dyed, blocked and crafted by artisans in India and Nepal.

Lola Hats– Handmade using traditional wood blocking techniques.

Sunski Sunglasses– Made with recycled plastic.

Huma Blanco Slides– Made at Huma’s family-owned workshop with locally sourced materials.

Aether Beauty Palette– Made with cruelty-free, vegan, and clean ingredients. The palette comes in zero-waste packaging.

Look #3

This dress is feels really retro inspired. Like it could have come out of the 70’s. It’s also very elegant, so I kept the accessories white and black. 

Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese Dress– Made from ethically sourced silk.

Lola Hats– Handcrafted in Brooklyn.

Huma Blanco Slides– Handmade using traditional South American techniques.

Vanina Bag– Made by hand and crafted with as little waste as possible.

Berthold Sunglasses– Made with wood. 10% of profits go to “Designing to Sustain.”

Soko Earrings– Handmade in Kenya using local materials, recycled metals when possible, and traditional techniques.

Look #4 

More with the sunflowers, I couldn’t resist. Plus, it’s one of her main patterns! 

Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese Dress– Made with ethically sourced silk.

Rise Art & Design Sunglasses– Made with recycled plastic.

Kayu Bag– Made with organic cotton and reclaimed wood.

Nine to Five Sandals– Made sustainably in Portugal.

Wwake Earrings– Handmade in NYC using locally sourced materials.

Sensi Studio Hat– Made in a socially responsible environment in Ecuador.

Alexa K Bracelet– Made with sustainable sourcing and faux fur.

Ilia Lipstick– Made with food-grade clean ingredients.

Look #5 

Last look of this series, or another perfect summer dress! I really loved the embroidery at the bottom of the skirt.

Hope for Flowers by Tracy Reese Dress– Made with organic linen.

Magro Cardona Heels– Crafted slowly in Spain.

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings– Made with recycled silver.

Raen Optics Sunglasses– Made with cotton-based bio-acetate.

Lemaire Bag– Hand shaped with leather and traditional techniques.

Osea Malibu Atmosphere Protection Cream– Made with sustainably harvested seaweed.

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