Ethical Embroidery: 5 Looks Perfect for Summer

Ethical Embroidery: 5 Looks Perfect for Summer

Embroidery an ancient skill. We don’t really think about it but really should. Handcraft skills are disappearing all the time. Without handing these skills down they disappear. This series is all about highlighting ancient craft. The brands all hand making their pieces and use a combination of traditional skill sets and artisan employment. Let me know your favorite in the comments below.

Look #1

This look combines tons of different artisan techniques and indigenous patterns. Each piece is really cool and the combination is super fun. In other words, you’ll definitely stand out wearing this. 

My Beachy Side Bag– Hand Crocheted by Syrian refugees.

Vita Kin Shorts– Made by artisans in Vita Kin’s Kyiv-based studio.

Beek Sandals– Handcrafted by artisans in Mexico.

La Marqueza Hats– Handmade in Ecuador using centuries-old techniques and natural fibers.

Kinga Csilla Top– Handcrafted by Indian artisans using block printing.

For Art’s Sake Sunglasses– Handmade using plant-based acetate.

Look #2 

I’ve been a huge fan of Vita Kin’s pieces for a while, and specifically had this dress saved to use. 

Vita Kin Dress– Handmade in Ukraine using ancient craft techniques.

Aranaz Bag– Handcrafted in Manila using traditional Filipino techniques.

Proof Sunglasses– Made with cotton-based acetate and sustainably sourced wood.

Lena Bernard Earrings– Handcrafted in Bali using sustainable and natural materials.

Evolve Organic Beauty Skincare– Handmade in the U.K. using superfood based organic ingredients.

Margo Cardona Shoes– Slowly produced in Spain by a team of artisans and cobblers.

Look #3 

If bold prints and contrasting patterns aren’t your thing, but you still like to support artisan communities, this is the look for you. 

Fortress of Inca Sandals– Ethically handmade in Peru.

Kosas Makeup– Made with natural and organic ingredients.

Cleobella Bag– Made by artisans using recycled materials.

Nanushka Shorts– Made ethically in the E.U.

Bl-nk Top– Produced in Gurgoan, India by ethically employed local artisans using indigenous techniques.

Le Labo Perfume– Made with ingredients from Grasse. You can refill your bottle as well.

Matt & Nat Sunglasses– Made with metal, plastics, and recycled materials and no animal products.

Look #4 

Another perfect summer look. The theme for this outfit is definitely beach and/or different shades of pink. 

Alba Botanica Moisturizer– Toxin-free and vegetarian skincare.

Muzungu Sisters Dress– Handcrafted by Muzungu Sister’s global community of artisans.

Poolside Bag– Sustainably handmade by female artisans.

Sunski Sunglasses– Made with recycled plastic.

Tracy Watts Hat– Handmade in NYC using traditional wood blocking.

Beek Sandals– Handcrafted ethically in Mexico.

Look #5

Final look of this series. The artisan celebration is in the top and little details like the bangles. 

By Far Sandals– Made sustainably in Bulgaria from repurposed leather scraps and linen.

Nikasha Top– Handcrafted in Her native India using traditional fabrication and embroidery.

Laura Lombardi Earrings– Made with recycled brass.

Amur Shorts– Made in NYC from organic cotton.

Rise Art & Design Sunglasses– Made from recycled polycarbonate.

Lutz Morris Bag– Made responsibly from locally sourced materials.

Mark Davis Red, Green, and Navy Bangles- Made from upcycled vintage bakelite.

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