Fairtrade Style with Passion Lillie

Fairtrade Style with Passion Lillie

Passion Lilie 

This brand designs in New Orleans and produces in India. These two places definitely serve as constant inspiration that you can see in the clothing.  India is the patterns and New Orleans is in the color. I would describe the clothing as workwear with prints. It’s the basic pieces you would need for an office, or everyday wear, but upgraded. Because, everything that is printed and colorful is perfect. Passion Lilie, isn’t just “artisan made” it is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Plus, they are also certfied by Green America and are members of the Ethical Fashion Forum. In terms of putting your money towards clothing that creates a better world, this is it.

What I’m Wearing 

I’m wearing the Brooklyn Short Organic Fleece Cardigan. Truth be told, this was a happy accident. I orginally ordered the Long version, (definitely check it out it’s very chic!.) There was a mix up and I got this version instead but I think I like it even more. It is cut so well. It hits just the right place at my waist and at my hips. It’s made with organic cotton fleece that is free of AZO dyes as well. That means if you are vegan it is even a perfect ethical blazer for you!

How It’s Made

Passion Lilie is eco-friendly. But what does that mean specifically? It means they have certifications that have verified their eco-friendly practices. It also means they use organic and natural dyes. (Colors that come from vegetables are just the coolest). The cotton is organic, pesticide-free and non-gmo. They also use natural energy, and waste and water reduction techiques to try and be as sustainable as possible at every stage of the supply chain.

How I Styled It 

The cardigan is super versatile. it can go from casual, to business, and from comfy to elegant depending on where you are going. In the pictures, I’ve worn it wore it with black jeans and some thrifted teal loafers, (love of color everywhere.) Also, I am also now living in London and it’s really nice to throw over sweaters.

Find Out More

Passion Lilie is definitely one of those brands I love hearing about because their work is so important. You can obviously shop the whole collection here. But also follow them on insta. Who doesn’t like seeing pretty and sustainable clothes all the time?

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