Make the Switch: 10 Alternatives to Plastic Straws

Make the Switch: 10 Alternatives to Plastic Straws

This summer it can out that disposable straws are clogging our oceans and killing the sea creatures we still have at a ridiculously rapid pace. Now there are straw bans in effect at certain restaurants and companies like Starbucks are looking to phase out single-use straws and it’s about time. In the U.S. 500 million, single-use straws were thrown away in 2017. A.K.A more straws than people! But, while this is a win for the planet as a whole, the straw ban has placed people with disabilities in a tight spot. Straws are very helpful with getting a beverage to your mouth cleanly and effectively. So I don’t think straws should be eliminated from the conversation. They are helpful and fun, what should be eliminated is plastic. If you haven’t already, it’s time to ditch your plastic straw and if you are a straw lover make the switch to these eco-friendly alternatives.


Brush with Bamboo 

Why go for plastic when bamboo makes a drink look so much more fun? These natural bamboo straws are made in Northeast India from real, whole bamboo stalks. Their compostable, biodegradable, and a perfect fun alternative to plastic.

life without plastic 47343975_007_b

Life Without Plastic 

This stainless steel straw is travel-friendly. It comes with its own little carrying case that fits perfectly in your purse, and a cleaning brush to help you fight off any bacteria or drink remnants.

trace minerals 878941003721-1

Trace Minerals Vita Straw

These straws are perfect for kids! You could call them biodegradable but really they are edible and pretty tasty. Not only that, they contain vital magnesium and B6 so they help you get vital nutrients too.

u konserve 853768002928-1_1

U Konserve

Ideal for the thickest of beverages, these stainless steel straws can meet any smoothie, milkshake, or cocktail you choose. U Konserve was started by two mothers who wanted to give their kids a waste-free lunch, which is great because how we can all have waste-free drinks.



Bamboo straws for the smaller glass from Bambu. The bamboo is certified organic by USDA and compostable so it won’t hurt the earth. The size is perfect for a smaller glass that would look weird with a huge straw.

preserve 631740750018-1


Perfect for a party, these eco-friendly straws from Preserve are brightly colored but still bio-degradable. They are made in the U.S. from paper. The box has 50 there so you’ll have one for everyone.

repurpose 855995003570-1


These straws are the perfect intro to the world of eco-friendly straws. They resemble the ordinary plastic straw but don’t have the environmental impact of one. They are made from BPA-free plant-based material that’s biodegradable.

simply straws Quad_Sip_Set

Simply Straws

I love the colors on these glass straws because it makes it that much easier to find them in your drawer. They are handmade in California with BPA-free glass and non-toxic dyes for the colors. Also, they are dentist recommended!

ever eco 47572177_000_b

Ever Eco 

I imagine someday in the future we will have BYOS parties. Bring your own straw. This one from Ever Eco is simple and does everything you need to too. Reducing your plastic consumption, and getting you your beverage.

kleen kanteen steel_straw_smoothie-At-Counter-With-Lid_lifestyle_e0e2366c-e177-4aae-a4d8-1571825ff998

Kleen Kanteen

This Kleen Kanteen straw set has 5 pieces for any type of drink you want to sip. The straws are made of stainless steel and food grade silicone. They work best on the go with your morning smoothie or coffee.

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