Irish Capsule Wardrobe

Irish Capsule Wardrobe

Irish sustainable fashion is all about basic pieces that last forever and after looking at lots of different ethical/sustainable Irish fashion brands I decided they were ripe to be put into a capsule wardrobe because they are so versatile and strong clothes. I also noticed gorgeous dyes so I featured a few of my favourites. This capsule is all weather capsule as Irish Mountain Child told me you can have all seasons in one day!
Bebhinn sweater
How was it made?

Made to order to reduce waste with 100% Irish Merino Wool from Donegal Yarns.

Theo + George jeans
How was it made?
Made with local production in Italy.
Petria Lenehan Raincoat
How was it made?
With Irish linen and handmade in her fair workshop in NYC.
Danielle Romeril scarf
How was it made?
Made in the U.K. with silk sourced from Japan, Italy, or the U.K.

Grown Denim Top
How was it made?

Made from 100% organic cotton and certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.
Fresh Cuts Sunglasses
How was it made?
From sustainable wood.
Handmade in Kinsale.
Bebhinn Trousers
How was it made?
Linen is sourced from linen woven in Emblem Weavers Mill in Co. Wexford, Ireland.
Bebhinn Dress
How was it made?
Ethically made to order in Bebhinn’s studio.
Theo + George Dress
How was it made?
With sustainable manufacturing, this was produced in Guangdong, China.
KEEM cardigan
How was it made?
With ethical Donegal tweed and wolfhound faux fur
Bebhinn top
Se above.




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