Sustainable Shopping Guide: Net-A-Porter M-Z

Sustainable Shopping Guide: Net-A-Porter M-Z

This is part two of the Net-A-Porter Shopping Guide. It looks at brands M-Z. Check out A-L brands here.


Type: Fairtrade

Madewell denim was certified Fair Trade in 2019 and swimwear is made from recycled nylon. They are constantly working towards more sustainable collections. In other words, it’s always good to see a leading brand jump into sustainability. 


Type: Sustainable

Designed and produced in L.A. MadeWorn uses vintage sewing machines and environmentally friendly fabrics like organic cotton. The line is historically accurate rock n’ roll tees.

Maggie Marilyn

Type: Net Sustain

Maggie Marilyn is designed and produced in her home country of New Zealand. She uses sustainable and ethically sourced materials in her collections. In other words, it’s all mindful production. She is included in the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Responsible

Designed and produced by mother-daughter duo Cleo and Marie. The production is limited, the waste is minimal, plus the clothes are made to order!


Type: Artisan

Manebi shoes are handcrafted in Spain using traditional craft and leather working techniques. Comfy, plus ethical is definitely the way to go. 

Mara Hoffman

Type: Sustainable

Mara Hoffman started off designing stunning geometric prints but as the years have gone by she’s transitioned her brand to being one of the most sustainable and transparent around. Everything is crafted in a socially responsible environment, using sustainable materials, production practices and ethical sourcing.

Maria La Rosa

Type: Artisan

Maria La Rosa hosiery and socks are all made using traditional techniques in Italy. Plus, Maria still uses traditional antique handlooms.


Type: Sustainable

Marie-Stella-Maris skincare uses sustainably sourced organic ingredients and helps charities provide clean drinking water by donating a portion of their profits.

Mauli Rituals

Type: Organic

Inspired by Ayurveda, the world’s oldest healing system, Mauli Rituals uses all-natural and organic ingredients that have been handcrafted in small batches. In addition, they also use eco-friendly recyclable or reusable packaging.


Type: Ethical

This jewelry line is all about minimalism. They ethically source their stones. Similarly, they source the majority of their metals from recycled sources within the Australian jewelry industry.

Melissa Joy Manning

Type: Net Sustain

Melissa Joy Manning ethically sources her sustainable materials. For example, she uses recycled gold and silver. They are produced in her certified eco-refinery that employs artisans fairly. Her line is a part of the Net Sustain Edit. In other words, she might be the world’s leading sustainable jewelry designer.

Mercedes Salazar

Type: Ethical

This jewelry collection is handmade in Colombia using traditional techniques. The materials used are often experimental. For example, you’ll find recovered buttons and leather or nuts throwout the line.

M.i.h Jeans

Type: Sustainable

M.i.h Jeans is reducing their impact. For example, their paradise capsule is totally sustainable. They incorporate sustainable materials like organic cotton and tencel into their ready-to-wear. Plus, the denim will be at the paradise capsule sustainability level by 2020.

Mio Skincare

Type: Clean

Mio Skincare is toxin-free and uses “no nasties.” The line was designed for mothers before and after pregnancy. Mio Skincare is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Artisan

Mizele bags are hand crocheted by artisans. Each bag is slowly crafted taking 20 hours or more to complete. The material used is undyed raffia.


Type: Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Handcrafted in the South of Spain. The leather used is vegetable-tanned and free of any artificial finishes. Therefore it’s automatically better for the planet. It is slowly produced and made to last generations.

Moon Juice

Type: Clean

Natural supplements and teas for your best life. Moon Juice uses plant-sourced alchemy to provide food-grade vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, they source organic when possible. Plus, Moon Juice is included in the Clean Beauty Edit.

Mother of Pearl

Type: Net Sustain

Mother of Pearl is extremely conscious of the materials they use and how they are made. Therefore, they use natural and organic materials and produce clothes to be worn for years to come. They are part of the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Ethical

Muuñ is a collaboration between a Paris atelier and Ghanian artisans. The bags are made with dry grain stalks and dyed with organic pigments.


Type: Net Sustain

Nagnata breathes sustainability. For example, they use organic yarns, sustainable fabrics, and an innovative zero-waste cut-off techniques. Above all, they ensure that they have as little waste as possible. The brand is based in Australia and is part of Net Sustain.


Type: Net Sustain

The meaning behind “Nannacay” is “Sisterhood of Women,” and the motto of the brand is, “Creative hands transforming lives.” The brand supports female 200+ artisans in Peru, Colombia, and Brazil and also helps preserve the traditional techniques of the region. The bags are made from chemical-free straw and Nannacay is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Nannette de Gaspé

Type: Clean

Skincare masks that are amazing and full of botanical ingredients. They use sustainable sourcing to get their natural and effective ingredients. They are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Vegan

Nanushka produces its collection in the E.U. under ethical standards in Budapest. All their leather is vegan and they are working on incorporating more sustainable practices into their production.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Type: Sustainable Options

Nicholas Kirkwood has experimented with sustainable material alternatives to his famous shoes. He incorporates sustainably sourced leather, recycled leather, using certified tanneries, and tannins that use natural rhubarb.

Nick Fouquet

Type: Sustainable

Nick Fouquet is a hat maker based in Venice Beach. He uses sustainable materials like ethically harvested beaver fur (They are harmed at all.) He also recycles and reuses his materials. The hats are made on secondhand sewing machines.

Ninety Percent

Type: Net Sustain

Based in London, Ninety Percent produces its collection with sustainable practices and fabrics. They also donate 90% of their profits to charitable causes. Ninety Percent is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Not Just A*

Type: Natural

Not Just A* skincare is handmade on Jeju Island, South Korea using Konjac Root that is native to the region. The sponge is infused with natural and pure ingredients and is biodegradable and totally natural.

No Ka’Oi

Type: Sustainable Design

No Ka’Oi means the best in Hawaii. The brand combines inspiration from nature with Italian design sense. They are cruelty-free and employ ethically. They have a design system that minimizes water use and use recycled packaging.


Type: Sustainable

OCHI is based in Ukraine and has a “slow fashion philosophy.” The work with local manufacturers there and source their materials from sustainable suppliers in Italy and China.


Type: Sustainable

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Okapi produces a limited amount of bags each year and works with a select group of artisans. They collaborate with grassroots craft groups and use by-product horn. The whole process is local, ethical, and sustainable.


Type: Sustainable

The Omorovicza skincare line is based on the healing powers of the mineral-rich water in Hungary. The ingredients are all-natural and free of toxins. They are conscious and stay away from plastic while being mindful of their supply chain.

One Ocean Beauty

Type: Sustainable

This skincare line is full of actives from the ocean that have been sustainably sourced from coasts around the world.

Onira Organics

Type: Organic

The approach to beauty at Onira Organics is conscious. They source natural and organic ingredients and don’t put toxins in their haircare. The line restores your hair to a luxurious condition without sacrificing environmental concern.


Type: Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Formulas that hold up on the runway. Oribe uses tech and natural ingredients to give you amazing hair. Their formulas don’t have parabens, sulfates, or sodium chloride and use natural ingredients like sandalwood.


Type: Ethical

The PatBo collection is made in founder Patricia Bonadli’s hometown in Brazil. She has worked to bring traditional craftwork back to the community and now employs over 400 female artisans at her atelier.

Peet Dullaert

Type: Eco-Friendly

The brand is committed to responsible sourcing and production. They use natural materials and have a responsible production cycle. They also plant a tree in the Amazon for every purchase made.


Type: Net Sustain

This swimwear is super girly and sustainable at the same time. It’s made with econyl, recycled nylon fabric that has sourced ghost fishing lines from the oceans. Peony is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Percossi Papi

Type: Traditional Techniques

Percossi Papi jewelry is handmade in his atelier in Rome. Everything is crafted using traditional techniques and in limited quantities.

Perfect Moment

Type: Sustainable

Winterwear that’s produced in the E.U. Perfect Moment manufactures in Portugal and has an eye on the environment. Some of their styles use fabrics from recycled water bottles.

Pippa Holt

Type: Ethical

Ethically made colorful kaftans. Pippa Holt produces each collection in limited runs and the kaftans are handmade in Mexico by artisan weavers Felipa and Angelica and their team.

Pippa Small

Type: Net Sustain

Pippa Small works with indigenous artisan groups around the world. Giving them a sustainable livelihood and helping them to revive their ancient crafts. She is part of the Net Sustain Edit. Pippa Small is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Playa Beauty

Type: Clean

Naturally derived, toxin-free haircare. They also have a recycling program for their hair products once you have finished the bottle. Playa Beauty is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Poppy Finch

Type: Ethical

Poppy Finch designs are produced in Vancouver working with skilled artisans and using recycled and new materials and metals.

Pour Les Femmes

Type: Ethical

Founded by Robin Wright and Karen Fowler. This sleepwear brand is super sleepwear luxe and every the production supports female refugees in conflict areas. They have partnered with various charitable organizations like Give Work and Action Kivu to help make a difference.


Type: Sustainable

These polishes and soaks are made with sustainably sourced spirula and wild-harvested seaweed. Founder Shannon Vaughn often hand-sources the minerals herself from the coast of Brittany.


Type: Clean

This hair care line is made with the Rahua nut oil. The line is organic and the ingredients come from sustainable partnerships with the people of the Amazon. They are included in the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Conscious

The Raincry brushes are made by hand in France by artisans who are employed ethically and receive fair pay. The materials used are all-natural and renewable. The wood is sustainably sourced beechwood.

Ratio et Motus

Type: Ethical

Ratio et Motus is made in Italy and keeps its carbon footprint low by using locally sourced tanneries. This also allows them to have an ethical supply chain. The leather used is all by-product leather sourced from the leather industry.


Type: Natural

R+Co is natural hair care that is botanically based and gives you salon-quality hair at home. It is vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and petroleum.


Type: Sustainable

Re/Done is a totally upcycled brand. It started with using old Levi’s to create new pairs of jeans. Because of this, no two pairs of jeans are exactly the same. The brand has since expanded beyond jeans and now uses recycled fabrics for their entire ready-to-wear collection.


Type: Sustainable

A sustainable fashion institution, Reformation produces ready-to-wear, swimwear, and footwear sustainably in California. Their production process is on the way to being zero-waste and saves on waste, water, and carbon.

REN Clean Skincare

Type: Clean

Ren skincare uses natural bio-actives to help the skin clean itself. Their bottles are made with reclaimed ocean waste and they plan to be zero-waste by 2021. They are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Rituel De Fille

Type: Natural

This beauty brand is all about the power of pigment. The ingredients are 99% natural and the formulas are cruelty-free and free of parabens, synthetics, sulfates, and phthalates.

RMS Beauty

Type: Sustainable

This cult beauty brand produces results while being organic, pure, and non-toxic. The formulations at RMS Beauty are different because the organic food-grade ingredients stay in their purest form to keep the benefits of antioxidants and vitamins.


Type: Clean

Rodin Olio Lusso is cruelty-free, plant-based, and non-toxic. The formulas are simple and artisan crafted. They are also paraben, sulfate, and phthalate-free. Rodin is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Sarah & Sebastian

Type: Conscious

This conscious jewelry brand is handcrafted in Sydney, Australia. They support local craftsmen and source from suppliers who value ethical, conscious, and recycled production. Their high-grade materials are mostly recycled and they strive to have a low carbon footprint.

Sana Jardin

Type: Clean

This sustainable fragrance line helps empower the women of Morocco. The perfumes are made from upcycled floral waste. Sana Jardin is also part of the Beyond Sustainability Movement which works on wage increases, waste reduction, and sustainable practices. The perfumes are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Saskia Diez

Type: Ethical

Based in Munich, Saskia Diez jewelry is all ethically produced. She is very conscious about sourcing using local wood from sustainable forests and recyclable synthetic paper.

Seed to Skin

Type: Sustainable

Handcrafted in Tuscany. The brand actually dates to the Middle Ages. Their spa sits on a site that was originally home to monks and passing pilgrims. They cultivate their ingredients on a nearby 220-acre organic farm. They also source ingredients that are wild and sustainable.

Sensi Studio

Type: Socially-Responsible

Sensi Studio’s collections are handcrafted by artisans in Ecuador. Social responsibility and ethical practices are at the core of what they do.

Senteurs d’Orient

Type: Socially Responsible

These soaps and fragrances are socially conscious and have a hand in improving the lives of women. They work with the UN Development Programme to help bring education and training to women in Lebanon. The soaps are all produced by local Lebanese artisans and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Silvia Furmanovich

Type: Sustainable

This jewelry line combines ancient techniques with sustainable sourcing. They have helped revive ancient techniques and their latest line uses sustainably sourced and reclaimed wood from Brazil.


Type: Ethical

Traditional Kumano techniques are used to craft each Shaquda brush. They are all handmade by local artisans and use natural and synthetic hairs on the brushes.


Type: Sustainable

The Skin Worldwide label is based in NYC. They make super comfortable basics and use natural materials and organic and pima cotton in their skins. They also make reversible designs, which is practical and has an added sustainability factor.

Smith & Cult

Type: 5-Free

Glossy nail polishes with all the colors on the rainbow wheel. Smith & Cult is cruelty-free and makes their nail polishes without 5 of the most common chemicals.

Soleil Toujours

Type: Clean

This sunscreen is reef-friendly, non-toxic, and non-chalky (which is hard to find too.) It’s mineral-based and uses red algae to help protect against environmental damage. It is also a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Sophie Anderson

Type: Artisan

Traditional Peruvian artisans weave every vibrant Sophie Anderson bag. You’ll notice the intricate Wayyu weaving techniques throughout and the new materials that the brand has incorporated like crochet grass.

Sophie Buhai

Type: Sustainable

Founded in 2015, every piece in the Sophie Buhai collection is handcrafted in L.A. Her jewelry is earth-conscious and uses recycled metals to minimize the environmental impact of each piece.

Souliers Martinez

Type: Artisan

Handmade in Spain, Souliers Martinez is made using the traditional hand lacing techniques of the Alicante region. They support local production and the human role in the production.


Type: Clean

This skincare line is hand-blended in small batches in London. The ingredients come from organic produce. Soveral is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Stella McCartney

Type: Net Sustain

Stella McCartney has been doing sustainable since before it was cool. She did vegan leather in the 1990s when it was practically unheard of. Her house is responsible, honest, and innovative. She uses sustainable materials like recycled polyester, regenerated cashmere, and forest friendly fibers and is constantly pushing the boundary line. Her brand is also part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Stine Goya

Type: Net Sustain

Based in Copenhagen this brand is bringing Scandinavian design with a feminine twist. They have sustainable manufacturing practices and are reducing their waste. They are in the Net Sustain Edit for considered Materials.

Stone and Strand

Type: Ethical

Stone and Strand is a female-focused jewelry line. They are designed by women and crafted for women in NYC using ethically sourced stones.

Strangelove NYC

Type: Organic

These fragrances come from a 600-acre organic plantation in Borneo founded by GaiaOne. This plantation promotes sustainable and transparent business practices.

Studio Amelia

Type: Mindful

Mindful and minimalist is the aesthetic at Studio Amelia. The think straps create flattering shapes. Studio Amelia handcrafts all the shoes and is very mindful about waste reduction.

Su Paris

Type: Slow

Su Paris links the traditional techniques of Turkey with the streets of Paris. They source Turkish and Italian natural fabrics and handcraft everything using traditional Turkish techniques.

Susanne Kaufmann

Type: Clean

Based in the mountains of Austria, Susanne Kaufmann skincare is full of organic and locally sourced botanicals. She’s known mainly for her anti-aging products and is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Tata Harper

Type: Clean

Earth-conscious skincare that is organic, non-toxic, farm-to-face, and sustainable. Tata Harper sources her ingredients at her Upstate NY. It’s totally natural and part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Non-Toxic

This nail polish is 8-Free (free of the top 8 toxic chemicals found in most nail polish), cruelty-free, and helps make your nails healthier in the process.

The Beauty Chef

Type: Sustainable

Sustainably sourced and nutrition-packed, these serums and supplements help boost your brain and metabolism. The formulas are handcrafted in Bondi Beach Australia.

The Laundress

Type: Non-Toxic

This eco-friendly line of detergents and laundry care is perfect for all those dry clean only items that are actually washable. (90% of them are.) The formulas are non-toxic and biodegradable.

The Lazy Poet

Type: Socially Responsible

The Lazy Poet is earth-conscious and founded to help break the cycle of poverty in Colombia. They work with small manufacturers who mix artisan techniques and modern principles. They also use mainly natural materials and donate a portion of their earnings to Colombian girls education charities.

The Line By K

Type: Ethical

Fearless women are the inspiration for this brand. The styles are flattering and feminine while still being easy-going. It’s designed and produced ethically in L.A.

The Nue Co.

Type: Organic

The nutrition supplements from The Nue Co. come from organic foods and plants. They use responsible sourcing and organic certifications to find the best ingredients for their supplements.


Type: Sustainable

Theory has been introducing sustainability for a while now. Their good wool line uses cruelty-free traceable Australian merino wool and their leather comes from a tannery that is working on achieving zero-waste.

This Works

Type: Chemical Free

Founder Kathy Phillips sources her ingredients for organic British farms. Her skincare formulas use natural ingredients that are chemical-free.


Type: Ethical

TL-180 bags are designed to be heirloom pieces. They are inspired by artist Anselm Kiefer. They work with a small team of artisans who come from two families and are big believers in local production.

Tom Dixon

Type: Non-Toxic

Tom Dixon is a sustainable innovator and industrial designer. His skincare line at Net-A-Porter is made in the U.K., vegan & cruelty-free and free of toxic chemicals like parabens.


Type: Slow

Toteme is the epitome of sustainable luxury. They make uniform pieces that will last, use sustainable fibers like recycled down, and ethically produce in Stockholm.

Ulla Johnson

Type: Ethical

The collections from Ulla Johnson are always detail-oriented. The collections are produced by hand in collaboration with artisans that are ethically employed around the world.

Uma Oils

Type: Organic

Uma Oils crafts their oils in the Ayurvedic tradition. The botanicals are grown on their 100-acre meadow. The oils are then handcrafted in small batches.


Type: Sustainable

Environmental impact is always at the forefront of consideration at UTZON. The brand sources sustainably and focuses on traditional craftsmanship.


Type: Clean

This skincare line was designed to be safe for during and after pregnancy. The ingredients used are organic and plant-based. The line is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Zero-Waste

These bags are handcrafted using zero-waste methods and upcycled materials. Every look is unique and uses interesting materials.


Type: Net Sustain

The Veja factory is based in Brazil and is owned by Veja instead of outsourced. They are certified Fair Trade and use sustainable materials like organic cotton and wild-sourced rubber. They are a part of the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Clean

Streamlined solutions for your skincare routine that are clean. The formulas are all in one, non-toxic, and obviously cruelty-free. Venn is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Vernon Francois

Type: Organic

Vernon Francois products are the perfect compliment to textured hair. They are non-toxic and the oils they source from Africa come from organic, ethical, and fair trade sources.

Vinters Daughter

Type: Clean

Vinters Daughter uses ancient and modern skincare tech to craft its beloved serums. The ingredients are meticulously sourced and the formulas use whole plants and wild-crafted botanicals to make the base of heir non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free liquid gold. They are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Vivienne Westwood

Type: Ethical

Vivienne Westwood has been leading the ethical fashion charge for a long time. She produces in London and in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative she partners with artisans in Kenya.


Type: Clean

Plant-based skincare that is made in small batches in the U.K. They use biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Their formulas consist of high-quality organic and non-organic ingredients and they are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Wales Bonner

Type: Conscious

Grace Wales Bonner started as avant-garde menswear and has now moved into womenswear. The pieces are handcrafted in England and France and are infused with commentary on race, gender, and post-colonial theory.

we are LEONE

Type: Ethical

This boho brand produces in L.A. using local artisan skill. They have their thumb on their supply chain and source transparently from Asian mills. Their entire cycle is based on an ethical working model.


Type: Sustainable Options

Space-dyed colors and their “moss” feel have given this activewear brand cult status. They are designed to be seasonless and in an effort to reduce fabric waste, several options are made of sustainable recycled fabrics.

Wright Le Chapelain

Type: Responsible

Carbon emissions are a big concern for Wright Le Chapelain. The manufacturing takes place all within a 10-mile radius. They source from British Heritage mills and Italian mills from their shirting. The process is entirely transparent.


Type: Sustainable

Wolford has become Cradle to Cradle certified meaning their clothing is biodegradable and produced in an ecologically sound way. They use a Bluesign production system and are energy efficient.


Type: Net Sustain

Wwake finds beauty from the earth. They mindfully craft their jewelry in NYC. The brand is 100% women run and uses sustainably-minded practices and conflict-free stones. Wwake is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Yeah Right NYC

Type: Sustainable 

Inside jokes were the catalyst for this t-shirt brand. Now the brand is known for its hilarious slogans. Yeah Right NYC is made in Milan, Italy using organic cotton and hand embroidery.

Year of Ours

Type: Ethical

Year of Ours is based in L.A. and led totally by women. They produce locally and ethically using high-tech materials.


Type: Artisan

These bags are a feast for the eyes. Their incredibly visually appealing designs are down to industry experience and inspiration from the world of ancient craft. The bags are designed and crafted fairly in London using techniques borrowed from the furniture industry.

Yvonne S

Type: Ethical

Bohemian and perfect for the beach, Yvonne S is inspired by Ibiza and made with ethically sourced fabrics.

Zeus + Dione

Type: Ethical 

Zeus + Dione is an artisanal brand that is handcrafted on the islands of Greece. The textiles are custom made in Greece and are all cut an embroidered by traditionally trained craftsmen using ancient techniques.

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