Trend Watch: Surf Bohemian

Trend Watch: Surf Bohemian

The bohemian vibes trend has been around for a long time. Within this style group there are obviously many “sub-trends” that are hard to notice unless you really pay attention. This series tries to focus on this trend, the colors are vibrant and or earth focused. Brands across the spectrum are becoming more conscious and this trend also reflects that with the slow, artisan base the brands I’ve included have. Also the trend is that I read about and liked the aesthetics of is “surf gypsy.” The reason I have called it bohemian is because the word gypsy is derogatory and has been used as a slur against people in Eastern Europe for a long time. The thought of slow, sustainable fashion is that the fashion industry should move away from trends towards a less intensive cycle. I totally agree with this but I still like looking at trends, and I think that if you do like a trend that’s awesome and great. You can still shop these trends sustainably, and often trends are cyclical so they’ll probably come back. I can’t tell you how many headlines I’ve read that said: “skinny jeans are back this year.” I’ve worn them since I was 12 and they’ve been in every year. Crochet bikinis are the same. So if you’re going for a bohemian vibe this summer, these ethically produced swimsuits are for you.


Stella McCartney Bikini

Made with a cotton blend fabric and produced ethically in Italy.

Janessa Leone Hat

Made with ethically sourced materials in a factory in the U.S. that is owned by the workers.

Veja sneakers

Made in a fair trade sustainable factory with wild Brazilian rubber.

Anna Kosturova coverup 

Handmade by artisans in the Philippines.

Aranaz clutch

Made by local artisans in Manila to help protect traditionally craftsmanship.


Anna Kosturova Coverup and Bikini Top and Bottom

The design ethos behind Anna Kosturova is slow and ethical. it’s all designed in Vancouver and produced ethically in a factory she has known and done business with for years in the Philippines.

Stella McCartney Sunglasses 

Made in Italy with cellulose acetate and recycled materials.

Cult Gaia 

Made with reclaimed wood in L.A.

Laidback London

Made with locally sourced leather and crafted by artisans in Kenya.


She Made Me Bikini Top and Bottom

Handmade ethically in Bali.

Lemlem Top and Pants

Handwoven with locally sourced Ethiopian cotton.

Shwood Sunglasses

Made with sustainably sourced wood.

Gabriela Hearst Sandals 

Made of repurposed material and crafted in Italy.

My Beachy Side Bag

Handwoven by Syrian refugees in Turkey.


Stella McCartney Bikini

(Same as above only black)

Proof Eyewear Sunglasses

Made with sustainably made polycarbonate.

Pitusa Dress

Made with pima cotton sourced in the U.S.

 KYMA Sandals

handmade in Greece by expert craftsmen using a range of fine genuine leather. The top is made from natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. This type of leather is untreated and darkens with age and sunlight creating a patina.

Sensi Studio Hat and Bag

Handmade by artisans in Sicily. One half of the island contributes to weaving the natural straw and the other works on embellishing the products.


Kiini Bikini 

Handmade with Italy with recyclable fabric.

Gabriela Hearst Sandals 

Made ethically in Italy with sustainable upcycled materials.

By Beachy Side Coverup

Handwoven in Turkey by refugee women.

Sensi Studio Bag

See above.

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