10 Up and Coming Zero-Waste Labels to Know

10 Up and Coming Zero-Waste Labels to Know

Zero-waste design is one of the most cutting edge concepts in fashion design. Who knew that you didn’t have to waste fabric or energy to create beautiful clothing?! Hopefully the concept will catch on with more designers are the field becomes more prominent. I learn about new brands from lots of different sources. My previous post was about brands I had found through online marketplaces. These brands are up and coming, aren’t on many online retailers yet and are definitely brands to watch.

Urth Label

Fashion level Urth is perfect for your elevate basics. An awesome jumpsuit, that perfect sundress, the little black dress you really love. They source their cotton from Delhi and are working to eliminate plastic from the workplace. To get to zero Urth works with local ngos to recycle all their production waste and they upcycle the fabric scraps they can use. They work to bring together aspects of fashion, environment, and community to make it better for all of us.

Carlos Villamil

This collection is Carlos’s first zero-waste try and I think you’ll agree it’s amazing. It belongs on the pages of Vogue and on the Red Carpet. The material he uses is natural felt wool that has been produced sustainably. The production reinvents traditional pattern-making and uses 100% of the fabric.


This brand is best for your casual tops, and patterned dresses. It’s produced ethically in Massachusetts. TABii JUST sources most of the fabric from surplus suppliers. Their designs are streamlined and the patterns are zero-waste.

Natascha Von Hirschhausen

Natascha focuses on “no-waste” cuts which gets the production waste down to less than one percent. This brand is perfect for the elegant minimalist. The style is classic and the colors follow a neutral palette.

Reet Aus

The entire collection from Reet Aus is made from post-production leftovers and works to upcycle “mountains” of unused fabric. Good design can save so much from the landfill. She’s even developed industrial upcycling that looms that the complete garment lifecycle.

Aeon Row

Lots of designers on this list are more high end. Aeon Row is one of the most affordable zero-waste brands I’ve come across. They use recycled yarn and completely recycled fabrics. Which interestedly, is how they keep costs down.

Make Use

What should you know about Make/Use? It’s a lot of things. They are an open source design system, clothing line, and research project. The aim to is question the foundations of the clothing industry and create principles to eliminate textile waste.

Nastasia Nash

Nastasia Nash is based in Valencia and produces 100% sustainably. The production is slow. The patterns are zero-waste, and the environmental footprint is constantly reduced.

Good Krama

Based in Cambodia, it’s a great spot to help stop the waste from the other 500+ garment manufacturers in the country. They source deadstock material from warehouses and integrate bio based fabrics and sustainable fabrics like tencel. Their production uses no electricity and that means produces no carbon dioxide output.


Zero waste patterns meet eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, and banana fabric are just part of the materials Doodlage sources. They also upcycle manufacturer waste that is unused by retailers. They work with eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, corn fabric, banana fabric. Another source of fabric is the left over or quality, discarded textile from large manufacturers.

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