7 Questions With Glaucia Stanganelli, Creative Director at Philosofée

7 Questions With Glaucia Stanganelli, Creative Director at Philosofée

Spring collection 2.jpgSpring collection 4When I first came across Philosofée, I was thrilled. It was feminine, bright, fun, all the things I want in my closet. Philosofée also pays attention to sustainability, and all I really want in my closet is some sustainable fashion.  Glaucia’s designs are uber-femme and full of personality. There are coats in vivid pink, pretty cocktail dresses with a lovely nip in the waist, and long floral maxi’s that make you long for summer. After working in the London fashion world, Glaucia now runs her brand Philosofée in New York and has definitely become a designer I’m watching. Read on to find out about her process, her focus on sustainability, and the future.

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On the Design Process?

I collect images and histories that inspire me, I categorize them into folders and themes, and then when it is time to develop a new collection I go back and connect everything that makes sense together, with the current mood, the current season and trends, creating a history around it.

From there I use classic silhouettes that flatter the body as a white canvas to interpret that history. I also sometimes end up developing a print that tells a lot about that history. Then my team and I put together materials, colors and start to do the patterns, sampling, adjusting, modifying, until we have the final approved pieces.

I’ve been working with capsule collections, not too many styles, more concise and filtered.

On How Her Life Has Influenced Philosofée?

I find inspiration in every place I’ve been, visiting or living, plus every person I meet and the life events around it.

For example the other day I was trying to understand why I get so personally involved with sustainability and I connected the dots… back in 1992 in Brazil, there was an Earth Summit called Eco 92 in Rio de Janeiro, I was only 12 by then and watched and read everything about it, it was an eye-opener to me on the way we treat our planet.
Since then I’ve always been involved, advocating for the planet, teaching everyone around me that the minimum you can do is recycle your own trash at home, I’ve also been a member of Greenpeace, among other little actions.

On Incorporating Sustainability/Ethics into Design?

I produce locally, I believe it is a compromise with the community where I am based, paying fair wages and valuing each professional involved in the process.
I source as much as possible locally made materials, giving preference to recycled or low impact fabrics, trims and packaging. For example this most recent collection, the Tropical Collection is entirely made of machine washable fabrics instead of “dry clean only” materials, the dry clean solvent PERC is just too bad for people and the planet.

I also promote donation campaigns; and every year I donate a few pieces to be auctioned on projects aligned with our beliefs.

On Experience in Fast Fashion?

It was a great experience to work to a successful big company as Topshop, in London, in the heart of fashion forward style, it was really inspiring. Plus London in general has influenced a lot my aesthetics, all the amazing tailoring harmoniously leaving together with street style is a beautiful thing.

On Her Favorite Piece in the Collection?

Depending on the day, my mood or occasion I will change my favorite.

On How Colorful and Feminine Her Designs Are?

I am a very feminine woman and I couldn’t design anything that isn’t, I believe the garment has to flatter the body, not hide or misshape it. I also believe in powerful women, being strong without losing the sensibility and femininity.

On The Future?

Wherever our customers, fans and the Universe wants us to go…
The goal is to grow as a brand and community, reach more people to share our message and beliefs, using the business as a channel to empower conscious capitalism.

You can find Philosofée’s latest collection here

Spring collection 1

Spring collection 3

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