Aid Through Trade: Bracelets That Impact

Aid Through Trade: Bracelets That Impact


Aid Through Trade

A fair trade jewelry brand that pioneers fair trade practices in Nepal. They specialize in (gorgeous), beaded roll on bracelets.  This is a brand for someone who loves color. The founder Damian used his background in science to chart thousands of codes for different color combinations. They release new color combinations every year.

The Process

The whole practice starts in the office in Kathmandu where 15 full-time employees coordinate production, quality control, and training for the 200 artisans in 3 different villages who make each bracelet by hand.  They offer every color imaginable. It’s the destination for the bracelet color wheel. All the bracelets are handmade with glass beads sourced from the Czech Republic and Japan.

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The Roll On Bracelet 

These bracelets are amazing because they expand to fit any hand size and wrist size. I chose the Gatsby glitz color for its ability to go with lots of different pieces that I wear. It’s a great compliment to my outfits. It’s a rose and white mix which is understated enough to be worn every day, but glitzy enough to compliment my more formal wear. If you are looking for a brighter color I definitely recommend the Wisteria. It’s a beautiful combination of pinks and purples.

The Impact

Damian Jones started Aid Through Trade all the way back in 1993 after being inspired by Nepalese glass beads that he saw in Kathmandu. They are one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation.  Basically, fair trade certification ensures that business’s employ practices such as fair pay, a sustainable income, and a safe and healthy working environment. Aid Through Trade also provides meals, retirement, and healthcare for its artisans. Which really shouldn’t be a question mark but is even sticking point here in the United States. These bracelets are another example of how treating workers correctly doesn’t hurt business, it actually enhances it.

Aid Through Trade is also a member of Green America. Which focuses on economic strategies for an environmentally sustainable society. They “believe that human actions affect the environment and consequently take proactive measures to limit our environmental footprint.”

Where Can You Learn More? 

The Aid Through Trade website has a ton of useful information about their business in Nepal. When checking out their amazing bracelets you can see the artisans who create them too.



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