Flood Clothing: Sustainable Color Therapy

Flood Clothing: Sustainable Color Therapy


Flood Clothing– Creating Clothing SOUL-fully

Flood Clothing is a totally upcycled clothing brand based in Portland, Oregon. The ethics of Flood Clothing are truly inspirational. It’s women-owned, and women run, and they source all the fabric from local Goodwills. Every piece of fabric has already been used and is being recycled/upcycled. Flood Clothing is also as slow, as slow clothing could get.  Each piece is made by hand, one-at-a-time, and infuses all the love and care that handmade entails. Don’t worry though they wash everything before they use it which makes it clean, and shrink-free.

On a clothing level, the brand embraces a love of color like no other. This is especially true because every piece they make is unique. If you love vibrant blues, and pretty pinks this is a brand for you. Did I mention they come in cool abstract patterns!


The theme of this year’s collection is “color therapy.” It explores the power behind color. Flood Clothing color wizard (and founder), Nicole Flood shares my belief that putting on a good color makes you happier. She calls them “happy colors” and aims to create a wearable canvas for you. Nicole started Flood Clothing, to create memorable, magical, and sustainable clothing that stands out from the rest of the fashion world and doesn’t contribute to the wastefulness in the industry.

Below are 10 outfits featuring a unique piece from Flood Clothing. Look out for their t-shirts, dresses, and jackets in each outfit below.

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Flood Clothing “Seer Tunic” Top

Beautiful blues. A secret about this top is the front has a hidden pocket. The t-shirt is a scoop style so think of the top as a classic tee with a unique therapeutic twist. Colors to love in the shirt?  Cornflower, cobalt, teal, turquoise, baby blue and deep cobalt.

Sensi Studio Bag

A trendy but modern bucket bag, this ethically produced Sensi Studio bag is made in Ecuador by artisans who use natural toquilla straw.

Toms Sunglasses

Expanding on their one for one policy, these Toms sunglasses are made ethically and donate a pair of glasses to a child who needs one each time you purchase a pair.

Remi/Reid Belt

Made with faux leather, these Remi/Reid belts are ethically sourced and produced in L.A. for the mindful consumer.

Reformation Skirt

Made in L.A. with Reformation’s sustainable manufacturing process that saves on waste output, water use, and carbon output.

Reformation Espadrille

The first Reformation summer shoe. It’s handmade of eco-friendly vegetable tanned, chrome-free suede and jute.

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Flood Clothing Dress

Strong reds. The color red has such an evocative feeling. It’s strong, bold, and has empowered women for a long time. Colors to love? True ruby red, with a mix of grey and black accents.

Matt & Nat Bag 

Made ethically with vegan PU and recycled water-bottle lining.

Mark Davis Bangle

Designed in Brooklyn and handcrafted from black vintage bakelite. Mark Davis is known for his upcycling of post-consumer materials.

Blue Planet Sunglasses

Made with a sustainable cotton-based acetate, Blue Planet also donates a portion of their proceeds to charities that help children in need get eye care.

BC Footwear Heels 

Certified vegan by PETA these heels are made with vegan PU.

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Flood Clothing “Speak Louder” Dress

Nicole was influenced by the lines of abstract art. That is very clear in this dress. The lines are based on abstract art forms and the sleeves are both asymmetric. Colors to love?  Deep purple, multiple shades of turquoise, beige, forest kelly and, olive greens, and accents in rose pink, lavender, and grey!

Sydney Brown Wedges 

Made sustainably with cork and beechwood sourced from German forests.

Edge Only Earrings

Handcrafted by local artisans in Dublin using solid sterling silver.

Melie Bianco Bag

Made with vegan leather in an ethical Korean factory.

Earth Wood Sunglasses 

Made with sustainably sourced wood stems.

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Flood Clothing Top

Royal purples to add an emotional flair to your tunic. Colors to love? The lilac, lavender, magenta and rich purple accents.

Pala Sunglasses

Made of recycled plastic and handcrafted by artisans in Ghana.

DL1961 jeans

Made sustainably in NYC using less water for washing and eco-friendly dyes. The denim is a combination of tencel and cotton.

Baggu Bag

Made from sturdy organic cotton canvas.

Veja Sneakers

Crafted in a company-owned Fair Trade factory in Brazil using organic cotton and wild Brazilian rubber.

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Flood Clothing Top

A tunic full of tricks! It has a hood, and hidden pockets and the hem is designed to be worn both as a tank top and as a layering piece. Colors to love? Deep and light salmon mixed with shades of turquoise, green, sage, and bright orange, rose pink and lavender accents.

3×1 Jeans

Handcrafted in a transparent factory in NYC using denim from the world’s largest supply of salvaged denim.

All Things Mochi

Every piece is handcrafted by local artisans using traditional methods of embroidery.

Kayu Tote

Handcrafted by local artisans in the Philippines using the straw from the local area.

Rafa Heels

RAFA USA is hand-crafted by a group of 20 artisans in Los Angeles, California. Everything is made of ecologically friendly materials like vegan PU and sustainable processes.

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Flood Clothing “Release” Dress

I’ve always felt brown is a really tough color to pull off, but this rich chocolate makes me reconsider! The hood is fully functional and ready for however you are feeling, and the a-line style allows for fit and comfort at the same time. Colors to love? Milk chocolate (who knew this would look so good?!) and varying shades of blues, and turquoise accents.

Andy Wolf Sunglasses

Handcrafted in Italy with sustainable acetate.

Valia Gabriel sandals 

Handcrafted in Crete by Greek artisans using traditional techniques of the islands.

The Jacksons bag

Made by Bangladeshi artisans using locally sourced jute.

Brave Leather Belt

Ethically crafted accessories made in Canada using scrapes that are leftovers from the leather industry. They are made using only water-based dyes and adhesives.

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Flood Clothing Shirt 

Simple blues. This tunic is a great basic. The design is focused on triangular geometric shapes and is a great upgrade to your loungewear or everyday shirts or tunics. Colors to love? Blues baby.

Patagonia Hat 

A hat made with organic cotton and Fair Trade certified sewing.

Nisolo flats 

Handmade in an ethical factory in Leon, Mexico.

Lole Leggings

The fabric is a knit blend of organic cotton and soft Tencel® lyocell.

Pixie Mood Bag

Made with vegan PU.

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Flood Clothing “With Everything” Leggings

Leggings designed to flatter. Flood Clothing takes apart recycled athletic pants and cotton-spandex t-shirts to create a pair of leggings that flatter and highlight the shape of your body.

M.i.H Jeans t-shirt

Made with sustainably sourced cotton and an eco-friendly vintage wash.

Superga Shoes

Made ethically with vegan rubber and cotton canvas.

Westward Leaning Sunglasses

Made with sustainable acetate and a socially conscious mind frame. Each purchase gives back to Westward Leanings charities.

Novica Bag

Exquisitely embroidered with a dark brown and grey geometric motif. The artisan is Anil Khandelwal of India.

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Flood Clothing “Becoming Clear” Jacket

Statement-making jackets. This is the perfect piece to add some flair to a basic black dress or give some needed style to a low-key outfit. Colors to love? Turquoise, dark grey, light grey and sage green accents

Michael Stars Dress

Made sustainably in L.A. using tencel.

Swedish Hasbeens Shoes 

Expertly crafted and handmade by artisans who have been making Swedish clogs for decades. The leather is eco-friendly and vegetable-tanned.

Gaia Empowered Women

Founded in 2009, Gaia creates handcrafted accessories by female refugee artisans. Based in Dallas, Texas, Gaia provides a living wage.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Same sustainable wood as pictured above, and biodegradable Black Triacetate Cellulose.

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Flood Clothing Dress

A bright purple dress to help you embrace the happy feelings of summer. Colors to love? Bright purple and accents featuring rose, dusty teal, forest green, chartreuse green, magenta and beige.

Soko Earrings 

Founded in 2012, to help disrupt these systemic patterns of poverty found across the developing world’s creative economy, Soko employee’s female artisans to create their jewelry.

Isabel Marant Belt

Made in colors that totally match the dress like fuschia-pink, blue, burgundy and beige, the belt features artisanal embroidery and handmade in Italy.

Aranaz Bag

Employing local artisans to weave each bag, Aranaz promotes and protects the legacy of Manila craftsmanship – each design is a treasure made entirely by hand.

Castanar Wedges 

Handmade in Spain by local artisans using jute.

Pala Eyewear 

Handcrafted from recycled plastic and sustainable acetate like the styles above!

Make sure to check them out on their website and see all the unique clothing they have in the store. Also, follow them on social (Facebook and Instagram) to see what collection they dream up next year

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