Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe with Rakha

Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe with Rakha


Rakha’s ethos is all about understated basics that last and their pieces are perfect for everyday basics. They don’t follow trends or seasons, instead they just redesign their classics over and over. The materials Rakha uses are biodegradable or recycled natural fibers. Above all, Life Cycle Thinking is behind every piece of clothing they create. So the end of a piece of clothings life is just as important as the beginning.

Matt & Nat

Vegan bags, shoes, and eyewear designed in Vancouver and produced ethically in China. The bags also have lining that incorporates recycled water bottles.


 Made by a female lead jewelry team that has established jewelry academies to teach the skills of the trade to women around the world with their Non-Profit partners Her Future. They ethically source and have vetted socially conscious supply chains.

Bhava Studio

Vegan & Sustainable Footwear. Bhava Studio is produced ethically in Portugal. They aim to remove all victims from the fashion cycle. Their shoes are durable and are made of eco-friendly materials like cork, and eco-PU vegan leather.

Distorted Striped Organic Jersey Button Top

Denim Dress


Organic White Jersey & Voile Bodysuit

April Shirt

Nuda Blouse

Lounge Pants

Bolette Pants

Midi Coat With Hood

Khaki Green Raincoat with 100% Merino Wool Lining



Bucket Bag

Crossbody Bag

Lace Ups



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