Sustainable Shopping Guide: Net-A-Porter A-L

Sustainable Shopping Guide: Net-A-Porter A-L

Net-A-Porter is one of the top luxury online retailers around. They recently released their first sustainable edit, Net Sustain. This edit is definitely the cream of the crop in terms of sustainable fashion brands. But there are so many brands on Net-A-Porter, many of who have sustainability in their founding principles. This sustainable shopping guide goes through all of the brands on Net-A-Porter from A-L and includes their clean beauty brands as well. As you can see the guide is only from A-L. M-Z will be published soon!


Type: Artisan

This label works with Northern Irish and Scottish artisans to handcraft beautiful sweaters using natural materials.


Type: Limited Runs

13BC is a small batch bag brand that is produced in Florence using ancient enamel techniques.

37 Actives

Type: Clean

Beauty that is transparent, organic, and non-toxic. As the name states, there are 37 Actives in this skincare. The formulas are plant-derived and the packaging is eco-friendly. They are part of the Clean Beauty Edit as well.

Adidas & Adidas x Stella McCartney

Type: Sustainable

Recycled nylons, organic cotton, and tencel fibers are just some of the sustainable materials you find in the Adidas Originals Collection and their collaboration with Stella McCartney. Adidas sets big sustainable goals often. They hope to make everything with recycled fibers in the future.


Type: Ethical

This footwear brand is locally produced in the Marche region of Italy in a family-run factory where everything is handmade.

African Botanics

Type: Clean

African Botanics sources their organic ingredients from Fair Trade farms in South Africa. Helping to build stable environments that can be used for generations to come. African Botanics is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Agent Nateur

Type: Clean

Everything in these products is natural, good for your health and free from parabens and GMOs. Agent Nateur is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Sustainable

The Agolde collection is produced in L.A. at a sustainable facility that conserves on waste, carbon, and water. Agolde also uses materials like organic cotton.


Type: Sustainable

The main ingredient in this skincare line is algae. Alguronic Acid which is derived from algae helps protect against environmental stressors. Algenist naturally sources their algae and sustainably produces their skincare.


Type: Ethical

This jewelry line is inspired by the ‘Divine Comedy.’ It is crafted in Italy using materials like recycled brass and ethically sourced metals using the lost ancient techniques of wax-casting.


Type: Sustainable

Sustainability is at this brands foundation. Their bags are made with upcycled rope and organic cotton rope.

All Sisters

Type: Sustainable

Swimwear that’s flattering and athletic as well as sustainable. The material is eco-friendly sustainable Italian recycled nylon.

Alo Yoga

Type: Ethical

Alo Yoga is designed and produced in L.A. in an ethical working environment. Their yoga clothing is produced with low-impact dyes as well.

Amanda Lacey

Type: Clean

Amanda Lacey is a beauty therapist. Her line uses natural plant extracts and oils. Her skincare is part of the Net-A-Porter clean beauty edit.


Type: Sustainable Management

Started in 1954, AMOREPACIFIC has been a leader in the Asian skin care market on many issues including stopping animal-testing. They were admitted to the Dow Sustainability World Index in 2010. They source their ingredients on Jeju Island in SOuth Korea.

Ana Khouri

Type: Ethical

This jewelry collection is inspired by a love of sculpture. Every delicate piece is molded from a single cast using fair trade and ethically sourced gold and other metals.

Ancient + Brave

Type: Organic

With a fundamental belief in herbalism and a strong connection to mother nature, Ancient + Brave sources it’s ingredients from environmentally conscious sources and from certified organic providers for its dietary supplements.

Ancient Greek Sandals

Type: Artisan

Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade using traditional methods. They combine the traditional styles and the myths with the styles of today.

Andrea Fohrman

Type: Handmade & Recycled

Andrea Fohrman’s fine jewelry line is based in L.A. where everything is handcrafted. She uses recycled metals and 18-karat gold for the designs.

Andy Wolf

Type: Sustainable

Every pair of glasses from Andy Wolf is handmade using sustainable Italian acetate that is biodegradable.


Type: Eco-Friendly

Swimwear inspired by icons like Kate Moss. The styles are minimalist and clean and the fabrics are eco-friendly. The line is designed in L.A. and made with eco-friendly Italian fabrics that have built-in sun protection.

Angela Caglia

Type: Certified Organic

Angela Caglia is committed to clean sustainable luxurious skincare. She has upcyclable containers that are designed to last longer and FSC certified recycled packaging. She uses certified organic ingredients and has a huge skincare no-no list to keep her products clean.

Anissa Kermiche

Type: Ethical

Based in London where her collection is also produced, Anissa Kermiche uses ethical sourcing and fair trade materials like certified gold.

Anita Berisha

Type: Sustainable

The jewelry collections from Anita Berisha are always environmentally conscious and inspired by nature. Anita sources sustainable and organic materials like sustainable freshwater pearls and handcrafts every piece.

Anne Semonin

Type: Clean

All Anne Semonin products help the skin fight environmental aggressors using essential oils and natural minerals. They limit the use of chemical additives and process in an environmentally responsible way. Anne Semonin is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Artisan

Antolina was founded to help preserve the weaving techniques of the Maka indigenous community in Paraguay. The cotton on the sandals has been hand braided using this technique.

Antonia Burrell

Type: Sustainable

Natural ingredients that rely on bio-actives and nutrients. Antonia Burrell is also extremely environmentally conscious. Her ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced. Antonia Burrell is independently produced in the U.K. and bottled in violet glass which preserves the product for a longer period of time and is recyclable.

Apiece Apart

Type: Sustainable

Apiece Apart was inspired by a drive through West Texas. Today the collection focuses on natural materials and slow practices. They are produced in the U.S. and use eco-friendly dyes like natural rhubarb.

Argentum Apothecary

Type: Clean

Argentum Apothecary combines ingredients of natural origin with leading science. They have marine and organic sourced ingredients and are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Ariana Boussard- Reifel

Type: Sustainable

Every piece of jewelry from Ariana Boussard-Reifel is environmentally conscious. She uses recycled metals and sustainable practices throughout her brand.

Aromatherapy Associates

Type: Clean

Aromatherapy Associates brings you the power of natural essential oils. The oils are hand-blended using ethically sourced ingredients. They are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

ATM Antony Thomas Melillo

Type: Ethical

Comfortable basics with an ethical origin. ATM is produced in Peru where they ethically and locally source Peruvian and pima cotton.

ATP Atelier

Type: Sustainable

This footwear brand is handcrafted in Italy using traditional techniques and the leather used is vegetable-tanned.

Augustinus Bader

Type: Clean

Dr. Augustinus Bader is a pioneer in regenerative medicine. His skincare line uses his ABC method to help heal the skins cells and get them on a path to sustainable growth. The creams are free from toxins and are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Type: Clean

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is made in the U.K. using bio-organic ingredients that are ethically sourced. The skincare is formulated without harmful toxins like parabens or sulfates. They are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Aurelie Bidermann

Type: Ethical

Aurelie’s jewelry is designed and produced in France. All the metal used is ethically sourced.


Type: Clean

Bamford is crafted in the U.K. and is made with organic ingredients certified by the soil association. Bamford is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Ethical

Barbour jackets are still handmade in the family-run factory the brand started it. They are a true example of slow, quality, useful luxury. They are starting to incorporate recycled plastic into their lines and have a repair service to help your jackets last longer.


Type: Net Sustain

Baserange is eliminating synthetics from their collection. They use natural and sustainable fibers like organic cotton and use considered processes to produce. They are included in the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Net Sustain

Produced sustainably and locally in Australia using GOTS CERTIFIED organic cotton and other environmentally conscious materials. They are included in the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Clean

Certified B supplements. Bear is based in Australia and carefully sources their toxin-free ingredients. They also donate to WildArk and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Bibi Marini

Type: Ethical

Bibi Marini is based in Colombia where she employs traditional artisans and uses various ancient weaving techniques in her jewelry designs.


Type: Clean

Bioeffect is based in Iceland and uses plant-based epidermal growth factors in their skincare. They use ingredients from their emissions-free Greenhouse. Their serums are pure and simple only using 7 ingredients. They are part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Burnett New York

Type: Sustainable

Made using sustainable practices and ethical, traceable materials. They also donate their unused fabric and partner with non-profits.

By Far

Type: Sustainable

These shoes are made using by-product leather that would have been through away. By Far also produces ethically in a family-run factory.


Type: Responsible

Camilla responsibly produces in India. They ensure fairness and safety across their supply chain. Their fabrics are all certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Cano x Paul Mendoza

Type: Traditional Techniques

Cano is a renowned Colombian jewelry brand that uses artisanal craftsmanship and ancient techniques like hand casting and ancient wax casting techniques.


Type: Ethical

Caravana’s styles are handwoven using traditional Mayan weaving techniques and natural materials. Caravana is committed to continuing to preserve the traditions of the Mayan culture.

Carrie Forbes

Type: Ethical

Carrie Forbes uses traditional Moroccan craftwork for shoes. The line is also produced with environmental responsibility in mind.


Type: Sustainable

Casasola has many different ethical and sustainable initiatives. They have a fully traceable and ethical supply chain. They have a local, Italian only supply chain which minimizes their carbon footprint. They use ethical materials like muesling-free merino wool and recycled denim.


Type: Ethical

Castaner is famous for its espadrille, which they’ve been handcrafting since 1927. They still use that traditional Spanish artisan craftsmanship today.


Type: Net Sustain

Catbird jewelry is handmade with love in NYC. All the stones used are sourced ethically. Catbird is part of the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Clean

Caudalie is part of 1% for the planet and uses the natural elements of the grape for the basis of their skincare. They are vegan and don’t use toxins like parabens. They are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Botanical

They are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The products work with nature and use sustainable ingredients.

Charlotte Mensah

Type: Sustainable

The hair oils from Charlotte Mensah are made with ingredients that are organic and have been ethically and sustainably sourced. Everything is bottled in the U.K.

Chinti and Parker

Type: Sustainable

Chinti and Parker are carbon neutral. They produce their line in the E.U. and source natural and organic fibers in the E.U. too.


Type: Net Sustain

Chopard only uses ethically and fairmined gold in their jewelry. They also produce alloys at their own refinery to reduce waste and reliance on mining. They are part of the Net Sustain edit.

Citizens of Humanity

Type: Sustainable

Citizens of Humanity is designed and produced in L.A. THey use processes that save on waste, water, and carbon. They minimize fabric waste as well.

Claus Porto

Type: Artisanal

This 137-year-old fragrance and soap brand sources their ingredients from the Portuguese countryside and still handcrafts everything using old-world methods.

Cloe Cassandro

Type: Ethical

Produced ethically in Bali, Cloe Cassandro is consciously crafted and supports local artisans. The artisans use batik to dye and tailor the fabrics by hand.


Type: Artisan

Minimalist headwear that is handcrafted in NYC. CLYDE also produces in small batches and the hats are blocked by hand.

Coqui Coqui

Type: Sustainable

Coqui Coqui is based on the Yucatan penisula. They source natural local Meixcan plants for their unique scents and believe in sustainable agriculture.


Type: Sustainable

This winter wear brand is certified by Bluesign. The fabrics are also responsibly sourced from within the E.U.


Type: Ethical

After founder Valeria Campello moved to Miami she discovered a need for well-crafted lingerie. Cosabella was born. Taking her families traditional techniques and introducing them to a new audience. Cosabella is made ethically in her family’s factory in Italy.

Costa Brazil

Type: Clean

This sustainable beauty brand uses ingredients from deep within the Amazon rainforest. The ingredients are sustainably sourced, wild harvested and fair. They work with local cooperatives and scientists and don’t put any toxins in their skincare. They are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Cult Gaia

Type: Sustainable

Cult Gaia is made in L.A. and the bags are crafted from reclaimed bamboo and wood.

Danse Lente

Type: Slow

The bags are produced using traditional techniques using artisan materials. Danse Lente also runs the Rehome Project that accepts bags that have small defects.

David Mallett

Type: Natural

David Mallet is non-toxic haircare that uses technology and 98% natural ingredients. They produce in France and include organic ingredients when possible.

De Mamiel

Type: Clean

De Mamiel skincare is based on traditional Chinese medicine and uses natural ingredients that are hand batched in small quantities. They are included in the Clean Beauty Edit.

Dezso By Sara Beltran

Type: Ethical

Sara Beltran pieces are handmade with materials being personally selected by Sara. Dezso sources ethically through Gemfields. They own he majority stake in every mine they operate in to ensure sustainable and humane practices.

Doctor Rogers

Type: Clean

Helping skin ailments like scaring from cuts and lasers or surgery, the Doctor Rogers skincare line uses sustainably-grown plant-based formulas. They are also non-toxic and vegan. They are included in the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Female-First & Sustainable

DÔEN is female-led and female-focused. Founders Margaret and Katherine Kleveland work to close the gender-gap at every link in the supply chain. They also work exclusively with partners who support and empower women. They employ ethically, upcycle their waste, use recyclable packaging, and only produce made-to-order.

Dragon Diffusion

Type: Artisan

Dragon Diffusion is handcrafted in India using traditional weaving techniques indigenous to the region.

Dr. Barbara Strum

Type: Organic

Handcrafted in Germany. This eco-friendly skincare line combines the best skincare tech with native botanicals. The skincare line is free of parabens, synthetics, and mineral oils.

Dr. Jackson’s

Type: Clean

Dr. Jackson’s skincare uses sustainably sourced natural and botanical ingredients sourced from Indonesia and Africa. The formulas are non-toxic and use certified organic ingredients. They are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Earth Tu Face

Type: Clean

Founded by two herbalists, Earth Tu Face is based in California and uses all-natural food grade ingredients in its skincare. It’s free of toxins and synthetic compounds. The ingredients they source are organic and wildcrafted. They are in the Clean Beauty Edit as Well.


Type: Sustainable

Else is produced in Istanbul. The women who work for ELSE are ethically employed and receive additional training and education. They incorporate waste and regenerated yarn into their lingerie.

Elena Makri

Type: Local

Designed and produced in Greece that brings an organic connection to the country and its traditions. Every piece of the collection is handmade and follows traditional craft techniques.



Type: Clean

Beauty formulas based on nature, Elixseri uses bioregerative technology at clean ingredients for its skincare. The skincare is formulated in Switzerland and Elixseri is a part of the Swiss Sustainability Movement and is a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

E.L.V Denim

Type: Net Sustain

Based in East London E.L.V Denim is designed and produced there from start to finish to minimize waste and environmental impact. The denim used is vintage and is taken apart to be given a new life again. They are also a part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Emily Levine

Type: Artisan

Emily Levine combines Japanese design with Indian artistry. The bags are handcrafted by Indian artisans using natural and sustainable materials like recycled silk.

Emme Parsons

Type: Slow

Minimalist aesthetic meets traditional craftsmanship. These shoes are handcrafted ethically in Tuscany by artisans using their traditional techniques.

Erin Snow

Type: Sustainable

This winterwear is good for the planet. Erin Snow is eco-friendly and socially responsible. Using recycled nylon and dyes that are free of toxins.

Esker Beauty

Type: Organic

These washes and oils are made with organic ingredients and are free of toxins. The formulas are vegan too.

Estelle & Thild

Type: Clean

This skincare line uses ECOCERT certified organic ingredients as the basis for its formulas. This means 100% of its ingredients are natural in origin. They are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Face Halo

Type: Clean

Makeup wipes are a huge problem and are currently clogging up drains around the world. Face Halo provides an ecologically sound solution to your disposable makeup wipes with their reusable cleansing pads. They are also in the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Ethical

Based in Indonesia, Faithfull partners with artisans in Bali use hand dye, block, and print every piece using their traditional techniques. They use natural fabrics and employ ethically.


Type: Ethical

Bohemian vibes galore! Figue is designed for the traveler. The collections are produced ethically alongside artisans worldwide who bring their traditions and heritage to each piece.


Type: Net Sustain

This swimwear brand is handpainted and sustainable. The fabric is regenerated econyl nylon. They are included i the Net Sustain Edit as well.

For Art’s Sake

Type: Environmentally-Friendly

This eyewear brand is handmade and steers away from plastic. They use bio-based acetate which is eco-friendly and steel, they also use jade-stone nose pads instead of plastic. They are charity-minded too donating to help vision services around the world and plant trees.


Type: Conscious

Forte_Forte is handcrafted in Veneto, Italy and uses natural and rescued materials. Their ethically-conscious philosophy helps them redesign and re-use fabrics.

Frances Prescott

Type: Clean

Frances Prescott packs their non-toxic, cruelty-free products with naturally-derived ingredients sourced from British farmers. The skincare is all natural and comes from sustainable sources. Frances Prescott is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Non-Toxic

Treating ingrown hairs with non-toxic, gentle, acid-free formulas. The brand is vegan and free of parabens, silicones, gluten, and artificial colors.

Fuzz Not Fur

Type: Ethical

Ethically sourced faux fur. Fuzz Not Fur sources their faux fur from an atelier in Northern France. The coats are then handmade at a former Paris furrier.

Gabriela Hearst

Type: Sustainable

The wool Gabriela Heart uses comes from a fair trade women’s collective in Argentina. Gabriela Hearst has long been extremely conscious and works to preserve craft and develop communities.


Type: Sustainable Options

Ganni has been developing their sustainable projects. Their swim line is made using sustainable recycled fiber econyl and they’ve started working with more organic and biodegradable fibers.

Gigi Burris

Type: Handcrafted

Gigi Burris is based in NYC. All her hats are handmade using traditional wood blocking techniques.

Giuliva Heritage Collection

Type: Handcrafted

Giuliva Heritage is all about expert tailoring. The line is produced sustainably in Italy using natural materials. They also work to reduce their waste.

Gloss Moderne

Type: Clean

This hair care line is vegan and free of toxins. It’s a totally clean luxury line and is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Eco-Friendly

Goldsign is another denim brand that is based in L.A. and uses sustainable production practices.


Type: Clean

Goop skincare comes from the Gwyneth Paltrow run cult brand. It is made with certified organic ingredients that come from organic farms. Goop is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Grown Alchemist

Type: Clean

Grown Alchemist is made is certified organic ingredients that are chosen for their antioxidants and vitamins. The formulas work to improve your overall skin function and dexterity. They are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Halfpenny London

Type: Slow

Halfpenny London makes considered choices when it comes to manufacturing and materials. They are Made in Britan and they consider sustainability in their choices, aiming to have a minimal carbon footprint.


Type: Local production.

Håndværk has fair and sustainable production. Their lines are produced at family-run ateliers where everything is handmade.


Type: Local

Haney is local luxury. The brand is designed and produced in L.A. They also have a Green Label which uses the brand’s fabric waste. They source low-impact fabrics from eco-conscious Italian mills.

Hannah Artwear

Type: Traditional Techniques

This resort wear brand is about the intrinsic connection between the artisan and the world. The clothes are made by artisans in Jaipur who work on traditional woodblocks.


Type: Net Sustain

Meddieratean craftsmanship. Hereu is made in a small factory outside of Barcelona using vegetable-tanned leathers and organic cotton. They are included in the Net Sustain Edit.


Type: Cruelty-Free

Hourglass makeup has long been cruelty-free and by 2020 all their makeup will also be vegan. They donate 1% of their profits to the Nonhuman Rights Group to promote animal welfare.

House of Fluff

Type: Sustainable

This faux-fur brand is made in NYC at a Fair Trade certified factory. Their dust bags are made in Guatemala at a female artisan-cooperative and the fabrics they use are non-toxic.


Type: Clean

Another organic makeup brand that has gained a cult following, Ilia Beauty is organic, pure, and non-toxic. They ethically source their ingredients and don’t put harmful chemicals in their formulas. They are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Indie Lee

Type: Clean

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. We tend to forget that our skin is our biggest organ. Indie Lee skincare in non-toxic and chemical free and source their ingredients from chemists and farmers who share their vision. They are also a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Innika Choo

Type: Ethical

Innika Choo’s designs are ethically handcrafted in Bali using traditional techniques and biodegradable, plant-based fibers. Everything is done by hand from the embroidery to the dying and the pleating.

J Brand

Type: Sustainable Options

J Brand has many sustainable initiatives from recycled denim to eco-friendly washes and upcycling. Net-a-Porter carries several of their sustainable stretch denim jeans.

Jade Swim

Type: Sustainable

Jade Swim is made with sustainable Italian nylon. The fabric also offers UV protection to help block the suns rays. The brand is known for its minimalist styles, clean lines, and bold colors.


Type: Sustainable

Made in Oaxaca using traditional local indigenous techniques that date all the way back to 500 B.C. The collections are produced slowly and sustainably.

Joanna Vargas

Type: Plant-Based

Joanna Vargas skincare is made of all plant-based, organic ingredients. The formulas are pure and don’t have toxins.

Johnstons of Eglin

Type: Sustainable

Johnstons of Eglin is made ethically in Scotland with traditional techniques that they’ve used since the 1800s. They work with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance to help source their cashmere as ethically and sustainably as possible. They also have an upcycled collection.


Type: Sustainable

Based in Brooklyn, Joya crafts their candles ethically. They use locally sourced materials and sustainable packaging as well.

Kahina Giving Beauty

Type: Clean

Kahina Giving Beauty ethically sources their ingredients from farms and women’s cooperatives around the world. They are certified, organic, and sustainable and are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Artisan

Kalita is designed and produced in Bali and India. The collection is handmade using traditional hand-dying. They anchor their manufacturing in sustainability and conscious consumerism.

Kassl Editions

Type: Slow

Kassl Editions only produces one product, the fisherman style coat that is based on one found in a vintage shop in the Netherlands. This focus on one product is a counterpoint to all the mass overproduction in the fashion scene today. The coats are manufactured at a family-run factory in Kassel, Germany.

Kat Burki

Type: Clean

Kat Burki uses Applied Sciences, Super Nutrition, and Cold Processing Technology as the basis for her skincare line. The skincare is produced in the U.S. without toxins or animal-testing. Her line is included in the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Net Sustain

Kayu is produced in the Philippines using local materials that are sustainable too. The bags are handmade in limited quantities by artisans on the island who use their traditional skills to create beautiful bags that are known for their embroidery. Kayu is also included in the Net Sustain Edit.

Kimberly McDonald

Type: Sustainable

Handcrafted locally in NYC by artisans, Kimberly McDonald also thinks about the supply chain of her materials. She uses recycled diamonds, reclaimed wood and gold, and other ethically and sustainably sourced materials.


Kjaer Weis

Type: Clean

Kjaer Weis makes beauty products that resonate within the skin. They use organic and natural ingredients that have quality and consistency. They are also gluten-free and free of parabens, synthetics, and silicone. Kjar Weis is included in the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Vegan & Local

This is a skincare brand for those looking for lasting solutions to skincare problems. They source, manufacture, and test in Germany. They are also vegan and cruelty-free and conscious of plastic waste, using paper and glass when possible.


Type: Plant-Based

Haircare that is plant-based and respects the earth and its people. Klorane has biodegradable formulas from traceable ingredients that come in eco-friendly packaging.

KNC Beauty

Type: Clean

Cult beauty masks that have raving reviews. These collagen infused masks are all-natural and perfect for your lips and eyes. They are also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Kora Organics

Type: Clean

Founded by supermodel Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics uses pure ingredients that have been certified organic. The formulas are also non-toxic and free of parabens, sulfates, gluten, and more. Kora Organics is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.


Type: Clean

Kosas Beauty is made of botanically based formulas. They have a long list of “does not haves.” Including Parabens, Pthalates, BHA/BHT, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, “Fragrance,” Petrolatum, Vitamin A, retinoids, and retinoid derivatives. They are a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Kypris Beauty

Type: Clean

Kypris Beauty products are made out of sustainably grown, wild harvested, and organically sourced ingredients. They package with glass and don’t test on animals. Kypris Beauty is also a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Lash Food

Type: Clean

Looking to enhance your eyelashes without hurting them? Lashfood makes lash treatments using Eco-cert certified organic, non-toxic, ingredients. The treatments are also formulated without parabens, sulfates, and synthetics. Lashfood is also part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Laura Lombardi

Type: Net Sustain

Also based in NYC, Laura Lombardi manufactures locally and uses recycled and reclaimed materials. Her jewelry is included in the Net Sustain Edit.

Le 17 Septembre

Type: Responsible

Le 17 Septembre is a Korean brand that manufactures locally within Kora in Limited quantities. They also have responsible practices.

Le Labo

Type: Clean

This perfume brand is vegan and cruelty-free. They use synthetic alternatives. They have reduced their carbon footprint. Their stores use reclaimed wood and they package in glass bottles that can be reused and the perfumes are refillable. Le Labo is a part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Lee Mathews

Type: Sustainable

Lee Mathews is designed and produced ethically in Australia. They use sustainable materials like tencel and organic cotton and sustainable production practices to produce their collections.

Leigh Miller

Type: Net Sustain

Leigh Miller is part of the Net Sustain edit. She manufactures locally in L.A. and uses the ancient technique of wax casting.


Type: Net Sustain

The fabric used in the Lemlem collection is handwoven cotton made by traditional female weavers in Ethiopia who source their cotton locally. The brand was founded by model and activist Liya Kebede after talking with weavers in her home country about their fears over their livelihood dying. Lemlem is part of the Net Sustain Edit.

Leonor Greyl Paris

Type: Organic

Leonor Greyl Paris was doing earth-friendly hair care long before it was in Vogue. They were founded in 1968 and make eco-friendly products with ingredients from sustainable sources.


Type: Sustainable

This African influenced skincare line finds it’s roots in the Yoruba traditions. The skincare is vegan, wildcrafted and handmade in small batches using ethically sourced ingredients. Their packaging is also recyclable and reusable.

Lilah B.

Type: Clean

Lilah B. is beauty made with natural plant-based ingredients. They are free of toxins like parabens and sulfates. They are also vegan and cruelty-free. Lilah B. is part of the Clean Beauty Edit.

Lingua Franca

Type: Sustainable

Lingua Franca uses sustainably sourced cashmere from Fair Trade partners. The sweaters are ethically hand stitched in NYC by women who are paid a living wage. A portion of their profits also goes to activist causes.

Live the Process

Type: Eco-Conscious

Live the Process is based in L.A. and locally produced. Their production practices are eco-friendly and save on waste and water.

L.F. Markey

Type: Sustainable

L.F. Markey is produced at small factories in Vietnam and China where workers are paid a living wage. They produce their line slow and sustainably.

Loren Stewart

Type: Traditional Techniques

Loren Stewart originally started her brand by upcycling vintage jewelry. Today the line is produced using the ancient technique of wax casting.

Lucy Folk

Type: Ethical

Lucy Folk only works with reputable manufacturers. The collections are produced in small quantities. Using the traditional handcraft techniques of the artisans they work with.

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