Pollution Fighters: 10 Products that Fight Environmental Toxins

Pollution Fighters: 10 Products that Fight Environmental Toxins

When I lived in China, environmental pollution was in the forefront of my mind. I had a mask. Whether the air was clean was a constant talking point. But since I’ve left the idea of environmental toxins effect on my body and skin has been pushed further and further back on my list of concerns. It shouldn’t though. Even though smog levels aren’t 150 ppm our bodies and skin still fight environmental toxins and pollution every day. Pollution defense should be a consideration for overall health and for skincare. I’ve rounded up 10 organic skincare products that help protect and repair your skin from the damage of environmental toxins.


Tata Harper Purifying Mask

This purifying mask packs a powerful punch of probiotics and fermentation to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify our skin. The additional awesome sauce of this mask is that it encourages the skin to start its own detoxification process at the cellular level.


India Lee Stem Cell Serum 

This India Lee serum is addressing a bunch of different problems with its combination of high power ingredients. It addresses texture and skin tone by increasing collagen with echinacea stem cells. The other main ingredient Alpine rose protects against pollution and the bamboo extracts nourish. Hydraulic acid finishes out the high-power ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and refreshed.


Herbivore Botanicals

This mask combines fruit enzymes and exotic butters. The superfruits get nutrients deep within your skin while also repairing oxidative stress that the skin receives from sun exposure and pollution.



Baths are one of the most relaxing things around. Add this 5 Salt Bath Soak to help relax your skin while you relax your mind. The bath soak has glacial marine clay and activated charcoal which helps cleanse the body and remove impurities that come from pollution.


de Mamiel Cleansing Dew

This cleansing dew is a complete defense against pollution and toxins. It uses phytonutrients to fortify the skins natural defensive layer. The fatty acids repair damage from UV rays and free radicals. Raspberry Seed oil, Ferulic Acid ester and Prickly Pear seed oil attack and remove the remaining electrons caused by oxidation.


Dr. Barbara Strum Anti-Pollution Drops 

Anti-pollution drops that come from the organic lab of Dr. Barbara Sturm. It is a little serum to protect against environmental stressors. It goes farther than a lot of other formulas because it even helps with blue-light radiation that comes from your computer and phone. The formula uses marine microbe extracts to strengthen your skin’s defenses against heavy airborne metals and reverse inflammation and dullness caused by pollution.


Oribe Power Drops Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster

A supercharged pollution fighting serum for your hair. It uses hyaluronic acid, creatine, and moringa seed to protect the moisture in your hair and hydrating them to protect against environmental toxins.


OSKIA Citylife Anti-Pollution Beautifying Facial Mist 

This face mist uses vitamins and oils to bond with the pollutants and stop them from penetrating your skin. It helps fight both indoor and outdoor pollution and the oils relieve the skin of tension that builds up from city living.


Chantecaille Finishing Essence

This finishing essence uses desert cactus yeast and white tea extracts to form a protective mask against environmental toxins like smog and heavy metal. Use it before you leave the house.


Omorovicza ‘Omoressence

This omeressense is used before you add serums and moisturizers to give your skin a much-needed boost of vitamins and minerals. It has amino acids from healing spring water in Budapest. This science behind the essence is designed to restore your skin to its ideal pH balance so it can guard itself against UV rays and pollutants you experience in your day.

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