Simple Luxuries with Gaàl Collection

Simple Luxuries with Gaàl Collection

Gaál Collection

Based in Melbourne, this brand takes basic pieces and turns up the quality to 11. They make basic pieces that are essential to your wardrobe- simple tops, suits, and sweaters with out of this world quality. The feel of the collection is retro with a little bit of tailored romance.

The Ethics

The lifecycle of clothing should be front and center on every designers process. Designing for the end as well as the beginning. The clothes are made locally in Melbourne with natural fabrics that will biodegrade. They not only use sustainable materials like cupro and organic cotton, they are totally transparent. When you look up the item it Gaàl Collection not only tells you who made it and the fabic, they tell you the fabric suppliers too!!!!! As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time reading labels and sustainable labels, I did a happy dance when I saw this. No amount of transparency is too much transparency.

What I’m Wearing

Im wearing the Gaàl Collection Caroline Blouse. It’s a matte navy black with just the most luxurious feeling fabric you’ll ever lay your hands on. a first look might fool you. This blouse in midnight is anything but a simple black blouse. My favorite “thing” about this top is the details. Whether it’s the tie in the back or the eye catching sleeves, the design and the devil is definitely in the details. The top is made with Cupro from Japan that is woven in a zero-waste process and uses non-toxic solvents. It also uses GOTS certified organic cotton.

How I Styled The Blouse

This top screamed dressy with jeans to me. So in both sets of pictures you’ll find it with jeans and heels. I also went for a more dressy eye look. I can also definitely see this dress in a more formal setting. Maybe with some straight black work pants or a pencil skirt. Which do you think sounds better?

Check Out Gaàl Collection. Shop their collection here. Follow their social channels for all the updates here.

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