Sustainability? The Vague Account.

Sustainability? The Vague Account.

What is it? 

Short sweet- preventing the continued decimation of the planet, life, that type of goal. Maintaining and reducing consumption, finding an ecological balance. Terms can get wonky and obviously there are thousands of books that can be read on the subject. It’s probably something everyone can get down with.

Just like pollution is found in all industry, sustainability and efficiency can be found all places too. There are net-zero homes which produce nothing in a year (it’s where the zero is from),  sustainable alcohol can be found too! electrical cars might be something you’ve heard of? Reduce, reuse, recycle was a huge tagline when I was in elementary school. Scott Pruitt hasn’t made the EPA scrap the three R’s yet either.

Sustainability and Me? 

But sustainability still isn’t something I consider mainstream. Yet. I’ve always considered myself to be eco-friendly, interested in environmental things, and informed. But it’s vague, probably like a lot of people. Vague and mildly hypocritical, truthfully uninformed. Love clean air: drive a car. Hate animal abuse videos: still eat meat. Horrified by the idea capitalism: couldn’t survive without it.  Love fashion: only sustainable collection I know is H&M Conscious. You get the idea.

Doubt, I’m the only person like this either.


I’ve been thinking about this hypocriticalness for a while now and decided to become the 500 millionth person with a blog. I don’t claim to know anything yet. My goal is to find out more specifically within the fashion industry. I’ll highlight things that I’d like to buy from sustainable retailers and brands that I can’t afford, try and highlight the new in sustainability news, and hope to find interesting people to follow and interact with along the way. And learn a lot along the way in my quest to be a less hypocritical person with a interest.

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