10 Ways to Wear Sustainable Gingham

10 Ways to Wear Sustainable Gingham

Gingham is everywhere this summer! I love it. It’s super feminine and simple to do. The pattern gives off a French vibe and also has some totally 50’s flair. Also gingham has been around for forever. It’s one of those classic prints that even if it’s not “trending” it still looks good and is totally wearable.

Below are 10 looks that embrace everything great about gingham, the classic, the fun, and the natural (the fabric is typically cotton)


This first look is full of classics, but the Ipsilon Paris tee gives it a cheeky twist. This is a look I’d wear to get compliments on my style and to see how many people notice the tee.

Ipsilon Paris tee

Made ethically with GOTS certified organic cotton.

Magro Cardona shoes

Made with small batch production in Spain by local cobblers.

Ace & Jig Skirt

Made ethically with artisanal textiles like hand-spun cotton.

Bibi Marini earrings

Made by Colombian artisans who work with Bibi to develop new weaving techniques.

Sensi Studio hat

Made ethically by artisans in Ecuador with toquilla straw.

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

This outfit totally works at work. If you change the shoes, to something other than sandals when it’s not summer, it’s also a great classic look to wear all year round. This is also a really easy look to figure out your makeup with! Match the lipstick to the bright red shoes and bag.

Proof Eyewear

Made in the U.S. with sustainably sourced wood and eco-friendly cotton based plant acetate. (Look out for the rest of the Proof sunglasses below!)

Nine to Five Shoes and Bag

Made with sustainable and ethical production in Portugal.

Michael Stars top

Produced sustainably and ethically in L.A. with U.S. grown Pima cotton and spandex. (Look out for the other Michael Stars pieces below!)

Zero + Maria Cornejo Skirt

Produced in NYC, Zero + Maria Cornejo is a female led brand that focuses on its environmental impact by using sustainable fabrics whenever possible.

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

You will start to notice that I like the gingham and red combination. It’s a classic and can be dressed casually like the look above, and more formally like some of the other looks in this series.

Michael Stars Dress

Vivienne Westwood Bag

This bag is from Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania collection which is made in partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. The canvas is recycled and from old roadside banners. The leather used is from scraps that would have gone unused.

Veja shoes

Made with organic canvas, wild rubber, and fair trade production

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Made with biodegradable lenses and sustainably sourced wood. (Featured below as well)

White/Space Earrings

Handmade in the U.S. with eco-friendly craft practices.

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

This look just screams summer to me. I’d take this look to a brunch on the weekend, a lunch on the lake, or a coffee shop for a casual, but stylish day.

Cleobella Slides

Made in Bali, all the designs have an emphasis on traditional crafts and techniques found throughout the Island. Everything is hand-tooled and hand dyed.

Mara Hoffman Dress

Made with ethically woven organic cotton.

Wewood sunglasses

Made with sustainable wood from American Forests.

JADEtribe bag

Handcrafted by fair wage female artisans in Laos

Monica Vinader

Made ethically in the U.K. With ethical sourcing. Monica Vinader has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury.

Mola Sasa Bangle

Ethically made in Colombia.

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

Vacations are on the horizon, and this sustainable look is perfect for your next vacation. It’s a fun mix of summer necessities, patterns and trends.

Helen Kaminski Hat

Handmade with raffia sourced from Madagascar.

Neola Earrings

Everything is made by artisans with strict fair trade standards.

Fame and Partners

Everything is produced in small batches and ethically.

Cult Gaia bag

Crafted ethically in L.A. from repurposed wood and bamboo. (One other Cult Gaia bag below)

Shwood Sunglasses

Made with sustainably sourced wood and handcrafted in Portland.

Charlotte Stone Sandals

Made by ethically paid artisans in Italy with vegetable tanned leather.


Edun Skirt

Ancient Greek Sandals

Handmade by artisans in Greece with traditional techniques.

Johanna Ortiz bodysuit

Made ethically in Columbia by female artisans.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

Janessa Leone beret

Made with recycled wool and everything is produced in an employee-owned factory in the U.S.

Innika Choo Dress

Crafted ethically from natural cotton.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes

These are from Nicholas Kirkwood’s sustainable edit and are made with recycled leather, cardboard, and plastic.

Cult Gaia

Agmes earrings

Made ethically in the U.S. from recycled sterling silver.

Proof Eyewear

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

Antonello bag

Antonello focuses on preserving traditional craftsmanship in Italy. He is also very eco-friendly. The fabrics are handwoven from regenerated cotton and everything is dyed naturally.

Vivienne Westwood Skirt and Top

Another piece from the Anglomania collection. These are crafted from lightweight cotton and made ethically in Nairobi’s largest slum.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Fabio Rusconi Shoes

Made in Italy with eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practices.


Before everyone reads the products below, let me assure you I know that the shoes are meant for kids. My answer- adult sizes and kids sizes match up at smaller sizes in adult, big in kids. Those shoes are too cute to stay in the kid’s section.

From St. Xavier Clutch

Made by fair trade female artisans in India and Nepal.

Proof Eyewear

Stella McCartney Kids Shoes

Made ethically in Italy with red cotton.

Melissa Joy Manning

Made with recycled gold and sustainably sourced pearls.

Bliss and Mischief Top and Shorts

Made with dead stock fabrics sourced and produced ethically in L.A.

10 Sustainable Outfits Full of Trendy Gingham

Faithfull Jumpsuit

Made ethically in Bali by fair trade artisans with fabric that’s natural and sourced locally.

Sensi Studio Hat

Crafted ethically in Ecuador with locally sourced toquilla straw.

Stella McCartney Heels

Made with vegan alter-nappa.

Gucci Sunglasses

Made with cellulose acetate and biodegradable liquid wood.

Muzungu Sisters bag

Made ethically in Sicily by artisans. The crafting of the baskets happens on one side of the island and the decorating happens on the other.

Loving everything sustainable that’s gingham? Here are a few other options that didn’t make it into my outfits.

Lee Mathews- There are also so many gingham pattern options like the black dress below and other black gingham options that are cute and classic like this skirt. If color is what you’re looking for, I’m in love with this red gingham ruffled top I just found or this great maxi. Sustainability is felt throughout the company. Lee constantly tries to incorporate sustainable fabrics like econyl, and focuses on the waste and environmental impact the production of his clothes produces. Every year their production gets more sustainable and this was his most sustainable collection to date.


Clu- Clu has a clue and their current collection has tons of pretty gingham. A lot of the tops from Clu’s current collection are decorated with gingham, like the black shirt pictured below. My favorite is the bordered blouse. Everything is designed and produced in L.A. and the designers work to incorporate natural and innovative materials like tencel.


No Nasties- No Nasties has two great gingham dresses for the summer. The one pictured below, and this one. As the name implies they remove everything you might find nasty about fashion. They use only fair trade certified fabrics like organic cotton, and only produce at fair trade factories.


Theory- These skinny gingham pants are expertly and ethically crafted in Italy from bi-stretch viscose. I love them and they are perfect for summer.


The Fabric Social- Everything at The Fabric Social is sustainable, from the low-waste fabrics that they incorporate to the non-toxic dyes in their clothes. This season they are also all about that 90’s throwback to gingham and have two awesome sets. The one featured below and this one. They also believe in treating their artisans correctly, everything is made in a community work environment with fair wages. Available in deep navy and white, featuring the gingham motif native to the dry-zone of Myanmar.


Ash & Rose Skirt. It’s from the Ash & Rose Collection and made with vintage gingham fabric. Ash & Rose is also produced in small batches in Massachusetts.


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