10 Ways to Wear Ruffles Sustainably

10 Ways to Wear Ruffles Sustainably

This summer ruffles are getting a modern update. Instead of overwhelming ruffles are elegant or light, flirty, and feminine. If your looking for the most sustainable options and don’t feel inclined to dig through the vintage bin here are 10 looks to guide you through the trend sustainably!


Edge Only Earrings and Necklace– made ethically in Dublin.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bag– made with recycled canvas and leather scraps in Nairobi.

Ipsilon Paris Shirt– Made with a positive message and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Patbo Skirt– Made by hand ethically in Brazil.

Earth Wood sunglasses– made with sustainably sourced wood and biodegradable acetate.

Nine to Five Sandals– made ethically in Portugal with vegetable tanned leather sourced in the E.U.


Primury Shoes– Made in Portugal with recycled rubber and leather sourced in the E.U.

Sophie Anderson Bag– woven by female artisans in Peru.

Cleobella Shorts– Hand made in Bali and emphasize the artistic skills and beauty of traditional craftsman techniques like hand tooling, beading, embroidery, and metal work (using recycled metals.) Patterns are designed, hand dyed, and embellished individually

Ace & Jig Top– woven by artisans in India.

Earth Wood Sunglasses


Stella McCartney Bag– made with eco-friendly alternative nappa leather.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Nisolo sandals

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings

Bella Dahl romper– made in L.A. with Tencel.

10 Ways to Wear Sustainable Ruffles this Summer

Gabriela Hearst Sandals– made with repurposed fabrics.

Smith Range Sunglasses– Made with eco-friendly evolve material.

Ace & Jig Top– Made with artisanal woven cotton.

Okapi Bag– with sustainably sourced blesbok leather.

Pepaloves shorts– made with ethical and responsible manufacturing in Spain.

10 Ways to Wear Sustainable Ruffles this Summer

Agmes Earrings– Made in the USA from recycled silver.

Stella McCartney heels– made with vegan leather in Italy.

Soko bracelet– handmade with upcycled brass in Kenya.

Amur skirt and top

Cleobella bag

10 Ways to Wear Sustainable Ruffles this Summer

Dreams Code– Made in Yunnan, China with vegetable tanned leather and using the traditional techniques of the Bai people.

Pala sunglasses– made using recycled plastic. Every pair sold gives some of its proceeds to funding children who need glasses.

Cri de Coeur heels– made with vegan leather and recycled ultra suede.

All Thing Mochi skirt and top– handmade by local artisans using traditional techniques.


Sunski Sunglasses– Made with eco friendly tri-acetate cellulose.

St. Xavier clutch– hand beaded by fair trade artisans in India and Nepal.

Gabriela Hearst Sandals

Faithfull Dress– Made in Bali with locally sourced fabrics and ethical artisanal production.

Filu Hat-crafted by artisans in Italy using straw and hemp.


Toms– Made with sustainable and vegan materials.

Yucama earrings and necklace– handmade in Bali using sustainably sourced shells and natural materials.

Michael Stars jumpsuit– made ethically in L.A.

Janessa Lenore hat– made with wool sourced in the U.S. at an employee owned factory.


Cloe Cassandro– ethically crafted and hand dyed in Bali.

Nisolo Wedges

Carla Colour– Made with plant based zyl acetate.

Edge Only Earrings

Antonello– handwoven in Sardinia.

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