Capsule Wardrobe: City Style

Capsule Wardrobe: City Style

Hit the city streets in this endlessly chic capsule wardrobe. There are 8 pieces of clothing, 2 accessories, and 2 pairs of shoes. Together they make over 23 different looks. This capsule is definitely about less being more because, who would have thought you could basically go a month with 8 pieces of clothing. My favorite pieces are the Maggie Marilyn dress, and the Apiece Apart skirt. I love the dress because it’s short and fun, which is just the piece I’m looking for in a city. The skirt has to be my favorite because I’m a sucker for anything that flows.

Apiece Apart Skirt– Made with a blend of natural linen and sustainable botanical fibers.

Maggie Marilyn Dress– Made ethically in New Zealand with sustainable materials like organic cotton.

Orwell + Austen Cashmere shirt– Made with organic cotton from a fair trade supplier because it’s GOTS certified!

Carolina K sandals– every piece is crafted using Mexican, Peruvian, and Indian ancestral techniques. Collections slow and sustainable and handmade by artisans.

N.Y.L.A flats– made with vegan PU.

People Tree shirt– made with organic cotton with their fair trade partners in Bangladesh and India.

Matt & Natt Bag– made ethically with vegan eco-friendly PU and recycled water bottles.

Tomscanyi Shirt– Made sustainably in Budapest.

Wewood sunglasses– made with sustainable wood and natural cotton fibers.

34N 118W jumpsuit– Made in L.A. in a factory that uses sustainable practices.

Mih Jeans– Made with organic cotton, eco-dye, and low impact trims like recycled polyester.

Icebreaker shorts– Made with a blend of merino wool and organic cotton.

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