Doing Italian Craftsmanship Differently with Elementary Lux

Doing Italian Craftsmanship Differently with Elementary Lux

A question and comment I get a lot is on affordability. Margins are higher for brands that are ethical and sustainable so they often have a higher price tag. It’s how the business works. There are several ways to get around that dilemma though. There is secondhand shopping and also finding smaller brands that produce in the way you want, share your values, and fit within your price tag.

Elementary Lux 

Knowing this, I jump at the chance to showcase brands that are considering pricing for the consumer, as well as considering how they are making their items and treating their workers. Elementary Lux combines timeless Italian craftsmenship with transparent pricing, ethical employment, and eco-friendly practices to make elegant and essential shoes.

What I Have On

The style I have on is the Marte Loafer. In terms of fit and feel, as they say, it fits like a glove. I also didn’t really have to break them in which is always a plus. The leather is Italian and tanned with sustainable practices and the sole is anti-slip and made of recycled latex.

How They Are Made 

Elementary Lux produces in Italy. First, they source Italian leather that has been tanned with sustainable practices. The leather is Certified Gold by the Leather Working Group. They try to waste as little as possible and use recycled materials like recycled latex and recycled tissue paper in the packaging. (Also, they plant a tree everytime you buy a shoe.)


The other thing to love about Elementary Lux is their transparent pricing. They have no “middle man” which helps keep costs down. They also publish every step in their supply chain and show how much it costs so that you really do know what you are paying for.

Find Out More 

Check out their website here and follow their social channels here.

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