Go Recycled with Tense Watch

Go Recycled with Tense Watch

Tense Watch

Founded in 1971, Tense Watches has been doing recycled style since long before it was cool. The watches are all handmade in the Tense Watch studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The wood used is all reclaimed or recycled. The watch machinery is Miyota Watch Movements from Japan.


Recycled, Ethical, and, Handcrafted.


These watches are high quality, sleek, and perfect for minimalist, someone who wants a watch that’s more ornate, and the unique shopper.


These watches are the perfect thoughtful gift for the holidays. It even comes in a lovely prepackaged wooden box. I’m always reminded of Harry Potter getting a watch on his 17th birthday when I give a watch too.

The Robson Watch

The watch I’m wearing is the Robson Watch in light grey with walnut. I really liked this watch because it’s not bulky. I personally have a small wrist and bulky watches and bracelets tend to either fall off or look kind of weird because they are disproportionate to my wrist size. The other plus is that the strap is adjustable so you can make sure it fits, and if you have a larger wrist they have extended strap sizes.

Customizable Styles

One of the great features of Tense Watch is the watches are customizable. You can choose everything from the dial to the engraving on the watch and more.

Other Watches to Check Out

For Her


Hudson Leather


Vermont Leather

For Him


Brunswick Leather



Unique Wood Watches 




Small Northwest



Learn More About Tense Watch

Visit Tense Watch online to browse for yourself, or follow them on Instagram to get the latest styles and updates from the brand.


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