5 Ways to Wear Sustainable Spring Florals

5 Ways to Wear Sustainable Spring Florals

It’s spring! Flowers blossom! Miranda Priestly would be staring me down in the obviousness of it all if she could. To switch up the spring/flower/pretty motif I tried to focus on extremes. Looks that don’t necessarily need the flowers or looks that are so full of flowers you might as well have sprouted out of the grass.

This is what I mean when I say, the look doesn’t need the flower. You could wear this look without the kaftan. The pieces are elegant, and effortless enough as they are. But the kaftan adds a unique twist. It’s a discussion piece. Klements made their 2017 collection in collaboration with the British Museum drawing inspiration from grand pieces, Egyptian artifacts, and simple pottery.

Klements Kaftan
Klements started to slow production down. The collection is produced as ethically and as fairly as possible. The fabric is printed in Worcestershire, England, and produced in a small facility in Hertfordshire, England.

Elizabeth Suzann Jumpsuit
Made with silk crepe sourced from South Korea and ethically produced in the studio in Nashville.
Angela Roi purse
Made in a sweat-shop free facility in South Korea with cruelty-free vegan leather.
Faire Collection Bracelet
Made with the tagua nut and by fair trade artisans in Ecuador.
Monokel Eyewear sunglasses
Handcrafted with recycled acetate.
Susi Studio flats
Made with recycled PU and rubber.
I saw these pants and thought of someone I bet you’ve met. It’s that older women you know you’ve met. I see her at the bookshop, grocery store, and farmers market. She embraces all that society claims is weird and wacky and makes you hope you hope your that cool when you’re her age. Embrace all that now.
Mara Hoffman top
Made locally in the U.S. with sustainable fabric tencel.
Vjera Vilicnik jacket
Hand embellised in her studio in London.
Mara Hoffman pants
Made with a combined fabric of tencel, organic linen, and plant-based lyocell.
Everlane day heel
Handmade ethically in Montopoli in Val D’Arno.
Muzungu Sisters handbag
Handwoven by artisans in Western Sicily, Italy and decorated by artisans in the Eastern part of the island.
This look is to embrace the femininity of stereotypical flowers- pink, loveliness, refined. Now contrast that with the bright flowers on that navy skirt. It’s a cool mishmash.
Ash & Rose skirt
Made in the U.S. from rescued deadstock fabric.
Everlane pink pumps
Made with the same ethics as above, in the same factory! It’s just a different color.
Saraswati Earrings
Handmade by fair trade artisans in Nepal, India, and Thailand.
Handmade in Italy from plant-based acetate.
KINTU NEW YORK – Pink Lady Bag
Made with french vegetable tanned leather by artisan communities trying to preserve their skill.
EcoVibe Apparel top
Made with sustainable cupro and modal.
Flowers, oh so many flowers. This dress is just lovely in all its forms. You really, really embrace the flowers or the roses, and it’s a lovely way to stand out. Take it to your friend’s wedding, don’t look like a bridesmaid. Throw a cardigan on- a have a boho brunch.
Ash & Rose dress
Made in M.A. with reclaimed lace.
Odette New York
Handmade in Brooklyn.
Neola Earrings
Made with vermeil gold and handcrafted with strict fair trade practices.
Susi Studio- Matilda
Made with that same recycled PU but it’s some different flowers this time.
Anabaglish Handbag
Handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India.
This last look is about reusing. These pieces (except for the skirt because I really wanted to post about it) have all been seen before on one set or another. The sunglasses were in a set above this and several times in my last series, and you definitely will recognize some of my favorite brands- Good Krama is there. That jacket was in the shorts series and so is Nisolo, you must always have some Nisolo.
Bav Tailor Top
Made with silk in Italy, Bav Tailor works with only natural fabrics and is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum.
Good Krama jacket
Made with organic cotton woven in Takeo Province, Cambodia and upcycled cotton lining using sustainable production practices.
Marianna Deri skirt
Made with Oexo-Tex certified fabric and produced ethically in the E.U.
Nisolo Sandals
Made with sustainable practices at a fair wage factory in Peru.
Monokel sunglasses
Made with recycled acetate.
Grayling Necklace
Handmade in Portland.
EcoVibe Apparel Hat
With ethically sourced wool and made in a facility that runs on renewable energy.
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