Sustainable Swimsuits: The Classic One-Piece

Sustainable Swimsuits: The Classic One-Piece

Swimsuit season is almost upon us and I’ll be doing several different swimwear series to show all the different styles of suits that can be found sustainably. I’ve always been really nervous about wearing a swimsuit. It causes anxiety for lots of us and it shouldn’t (easier said than actually done I know.) There are two main directions you can go when swimsuit shopping patterns and solids. This article starts with the most solid, solid colour there is- black. Just like in clothing, there is something so timeless and chic about a black one-piece swimsuit.

This first suit starts us off with the classics. It’s a classic suit, with a classic beach look, and the classic sustainable fabric recycled nylon. It also has a classic scoop neck silhouette which is universally flattering.

Ipsilon Paris Swimsuit

Made with ECONYL, which is recycled nylon.

G-Star Raw Shorts

Made with Cradle 2 Cradle, Raw for the Planet indigo denim that uses 15% less indigo and 70% fewer chemicals than normal production.  It also doesn’t produce salt byproduct so the water is recyclable.

Veja tennis shoes

Made at a fair trade factory in Brazil with wild Brazilian rubber and organic cotton.

Kayu bag

Made ethically in Bali with locally-sourced natural straw.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Made with sustainable wood.

Filù Hat

Handmade by Italian millineries with traditional handcraft techniques. (Every hat is the same as the one pictured above so I have only included it this one time)

Ooh, la la! Never let anyone try to convince you that one piece swimsuits can’t be sexy. A plunging neckline might actually be sexier than the tiniest bikini because of the Va-Voom factor. Style tip for these suits: small busts should actually have a shallower plunge and large busts a deeper one.

Carla Colour Sunglasses

Made with sustainable ZYL acetate that comes from wood pulp.

Charlotte Stone Sandals

Made with small batch production in Italy. The ostrich feather is sustainably sourced.

Vitamin A Swimsuit

Made with Ecolux, a recycled nylon fiber from California.

Antik Batik Pants

Ethically handmade in Bali.

Muuñ Bag

Handwoven with natural straw and dyes in Ghana and then the finishing touches are made in Paris.

This next look reminds me of a resort vacation. Lounging around the pool with a colourful cocktail in one hand and a book in another. This swimsuit is an off-the-shoulder style, perfect for those with narrower shoulders or not wanting to wear a bra.

Underprotection Swimsuit

Made in a factory certified by the Fair Wear Foundation using recycled polyester.

Cult Gaia

Handmade in Los Angeles with sustainable, reclaimed wood.

Proof Eyewear

Made with cotton-based acetate.

Antik Batik Sandals

Ethically handmade in Bali.

Mara Hoffman Skirt

Made with organic cotton that was woven by artisans in India.

This style of one piece has a wrap! and it’s a perfect way to highlight the waist. I’ve paired this swimsuit with some blue because when you swim you are in the water, and water is blue!

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit

Made of recycled polyester in the U.S. The fabric is digitally printed to reduce waste.

Zeus + Dione Shorts

Handmade by local artisans in Greece.

Earth Wood Sunglasses

Made with sustainable wood.

Charlotte Stone Sandals

Made with small batch production at a family run factory in Italy.

Kayu Tote

Handmade in Bali with locally sourced natural straw.

The halter neck. Halter top necklines are wonderful for drawing the eye up to the face. They also balance out wide shoulders. I’ve paired this swimsuit with some strappy silver sandals and patterns that are perfect for a day at the beach.

Reformation Swimsuit 

Made with sustainable production that saves 56 gallons of water, 11 lbs of carbon dioxide, and half a pound of waste compared to a normal production cycle.

Tome pants

Made ethically in the USA.

Proof Eyewear Sunglasses

Made from wood and cotton based acetate.

Susu Accessories Bag

Made with fair trade practices in Colombia.

Coclico Sandals

Made with sustainable production in Spain.

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